I'm an educated, intelligent, over-thinking introvert who is mostly turned on by intelligence. No, having read 50 shades of gray will not do!

Ideally, I'd like to obsess over your feet to the point that it cripples my sexual life. Eventually you'll be keeping me away from pussy, feeding me a staple diet of feet, stinky socks, lots of humiliation and last but not least, since my cock will get rendered useless, turn me into a sissy.

Playtime with me is usually just texting and exploring possible outcomes with some visual stimuli. Always tributed ofc. Pay to play is the only way for me, unless I know and trust you.

I don't really care to buy foot pics or subscribe to your OF if I don't know you. Last but not least, being an antisocial reclusive fuck, I'm not a big fan of small talk

My skype is underherspell and my telegram is under_her_spell if you have something interesting to say that is..

Only looking for locals for now
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