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HePays is a normal dating website.
Members can contact other members if they reach their required contact minimum.

by using HePays you agree to the following
* you are 18 or older
* we can ban and/or delete any account any time to our discretion even if it has credit in it. We usually don't do this but we want to keep the site clean
* not use HePays for soliciting or offering of adult services. (Drugs, Escort, Prostitution & Human Trafficking is strictly prohibited)
* not use nude or adult photos in your profiles
* credits are not for widthdrawal. You load your account to spend it on HePays not for withdrawing it later.
* no form of threats or violence or harassment
* that we sometimes may use your uploaded photos for marketing materials to promote your profile or the site
* you agree to not receive a refund. Services that are immediately activated once purchased are not entitled to refunds (online digital content)

* we do not sell your data
* we use cookies to remember your last login.
* we don't look into private messages unless required by law

Due to the high volume of registrations and activity on HePays it is unpossible to monitor every single activity on HePays.
We are not responsible for external links or damages. Online dating is your responsibility.
Before meeting any person make sure to take proper precausions (meeting them in public, getting to know their friends etc)

HePays is a project by PalmRise SRO

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