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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use HePays
For women: set your contact minimum as high as you think you are hot. So if you think you are a 10/10 set it to $50 or more for example. If you think you are cute set it to $10. you decide
That way no one can write you who has less than your set amount in their account. Members who complain of spam & fakes etc usually have it set to $0. Thats a mistake. But we want people to still be able to choose

Men: set your contact minimum to $0 or $1. Then load up your account so its always above $100 or even $200 or $300. If you keep it above $300 you will get noticed by women a lot

How do i make money as a findom domme on HePays?
You do not make money directly with findom using HePays. If there are financial transactions between you as a domme and your "slave" you
need to take this transaction off the site with your preferred payment providers. (be aware that many payment apps do not support findom and they might cancel your account)
HePays serves as dating and matchmaking between people not as a financial transaction website.
This is because of legal things. So we stay out of any transaction because something could go wrong and we are not and won't be responsible for any damages from your dating experiences. We always advice high caution before meeting anyone or sending anyone information or media files

How to get noticed. Some Tips
upload at least 6 photos. Add your city and country
post to the stream. post to auctions

Can i withdraw my money?
You can withdraw Earnings but not Credits.
Credits: Your credit balance is when you load your account. This is used solely for HePays. It works like credits for messaging and using the site.
Earnings: Earnings are for refering members to HePays and can be withdrawn.

Who is the site for?
Its basically for everyone who wants a date with someone or who is looking for someone rich.

Is it free or paid?
Its both. you decide which type of dating is better for you. When you set the minimum to $0 everyone can write you but be aware that it might get you messages that you don't really want. The point of HePays is to limit those messages to those who have a certain amount loaded on their account.

How does the voting system work?
Members who have been with HePays the longest receive the highest voting power

What do i get when i add credits?
Everybody can see you are a premium member, you are listed first and you can write much more people then if you didn't buy the membership.
If your credits is above a persons minimum you can write them. Loading up a load makes you stand out so much that you get many messages. Load Now

With credits you buy you also support HePays to develop more features

HePays - Meet Men and Women worldwide and also rich millionaire wealthy men & women. Free Online Dating