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Hello Dear Friends and users,

Due to Fosta-Sesta Law, Americans living in USA and Americans living abroad or people living or traveling in USA are not allowed to use HePays
In short: No American is allowed to use HePays no matter where they live. Fosta-Sesta is a law put in place by Trump & Republicans.
While HePays would not normally fall under Fosta Sesta Law we believe that its too dangerous to operate it under this environment.
Many Dating websites made the same or similar decision. HePays is hosted in Switzerland and operated and owned by Czech Company who's owner is a European Citizen.

In order access HePays we now have a vetting process.
This makes sure that the person accessing HePays is at least 18 years old and is not an american.
It is not guaranteed that you receive an invite code but you must follow the following steps:

1. Register on BUDU.com, edit your profile & send me a message https://www.budu.com/danji
2. As a second optional step you can send a whatsapp to +420770626831 with the same message. This will improve your chances.
3. Additional: follow and send message on facebook Danji on Facebook
3. Additional: follow Danji on Instagram. After doing that, send a message "request hepays invite". This will improve your chances.
4. Additional: follow Danji on Twitter to increase your chances
5. Additioanl: follow Danji on Tiktok to increase your chances

If your instagram or Facebook is empty of photos, videos, further information or you don't follow, you might not receive an invite code
Having a video available on Facebook or Instagram increases your chances incredibly.

Best Chances:
You can also send a private video requesting your invite code and saying which country you are from in the video.

If there is doubt you might not receive an invite code and we might need further proof

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