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31 years old
28.10.1986 (Scorpio)
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* Findom / Financial Domination
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* younger woman older man
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Location:Bruges Belgium
Distance:5702 km
Seeking: (seeking)
Height:190cm / 6 ft 2 ins
Last Login:15 hours ago
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About me:
A) To all newbies: If you ever tell ME (out of everyone you may know) that I may be wasting your time as one of your first messages to me, well then you should really be asking yourself if you're really just wasting mine. The same goes with telling me you have bills to pay, seriously? poor you, should I feel sorry for you? Grow Up!
This may clearly not be something for you, nevertheless I wish you good luck on your journey.

B) Ok now, we were all doing so well on here till some findomme scammed me on here; having said that it's quite surprising as her trust rating is pretty high, she is also verified and a paying member. The distance however does not match up with the city/country she's in. Won't mention any names, but ask me for my opinion = pathetic really.

C) So sorry for all you good and playful souls out there but my new rule is: Before any play time whatever the nature is of the game, I must have seen you on cam at least once. If not, then stop wasting my time.

D) Stop trying to be hot when you can be beautiful.
Some of you "Mistresses" = *Face palm* I have you for breakfast! Can you please be a little bit more authentic? Like seriously read a book or something on how to seduce. Your sense of entitlement... LOL
Plus, who says you're number one if I never called you out to be Number ONE (even though I may be a slave).
Remember this: You're as much as you truly are and as empty as you truly are. Like meets like.

E) you can find more about me, more pics and read my extensive profile @
Kik = Closetoheaven86
Skype = cutemagicboy

F) My preferred way of tribute is through Paypal.

G) I mirror best with elegant and beautiful people. But of course hot is hot, and I may look at you briefly; tho sooner or later I will move on.
I still choose to go after and celebrate beauty in all its forms than your crippled view of ummmm how you have come to understand how certain things work in life I guess???

H) What are tributes? Tributes are REAL gifts. Tributes are most powerful when the one sending it is doing so out of their own will because they truly believe you're worth the gift. All the rest of the so-called-tributes are a form of transaction, in other words cash is buying you. No matter how you turn the topic. But of course many of you don't mind this and actually get turned on by that but it's very very empty; in the long term you will not feel happy.
So many of you don't understand the difference. Learn!

I) I am NOT a crossdresser/sissy, I have experimented vastly, and yet I've kind of grown out of this excitement of putting on female lingerie, the same applies for many other kinks such as anal play, will only be okay with it if my girlfriend really enjoys it. Furthermore, I believe that a real man has been everywhere... and continues to experience all kinds of roles and kinks as part of his self exploring journey. He should be content with who he is, confident of his way of presenting himself to the world, whether humiliated, shy… He can laugh at himself and is very self-aware & always curious of both the lighter and darker energies. However, if I come along a woman with a great match I can be pretty open and flexible to try some of those kinks again.

J) All of the photos of me on this profile are older than at least 3 years, I rarely update this profile. And since 2 years ago I no longer make or send any x rated pics/vids.

K) Just because we live countries or even continents away, this does not mean we will never see each other. The Domme (or curious Sub) worth serving / interacting with will also be the one I travel/relocate for, or will be invited over to my place.

L) I am pretty flexible with my orientation. Some roles of my own and what I seek: Dominant, Domme, Mistress, Submissive, Switch, Masochist, Sadomasochist, Hedonist, Cuckold, Bull, Vanilla, Little and Sadist.

M) My Body Type is Athletic and Muscular. And through the years of hard training I am no longer able to selfsuck aka perform autofellatio.

*** More about me >>>
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