Sugarbabe tells it all

How did you start being a sugarbabe or findom? What motivated you to it?
When I was in college, I was attempting to get through 2 degrees at the same time, and therefore had no time for a job. I came across a gentleman at the nearby cafe who was asking some of my friends for a peek down their shirts in exchange for 50$. I approached this man assuming I’d give him a happy peek, however, I felt so disgusted with myself when I sat down that I ended up scolding this pervert and walking away with the 400$ cash he had on him that afternoon and a note for another rendezvous that Friday at the same place. this went on twice a week for nearly two years.
When I finished my education, he informed me that I was too old now and that he’d have to pursue a “younger model” and I decided to have the pervert arrested (i was 18)

What were some of the negative experiences you had?
The best and worst thing was falling for a sub, I learned a really valuable lesson but it still hurts, I’m not going too far into details but, he decided to try being dom (those relationships rarely succeed).

What advice can you give to others who would like to try it?
My advice to new findoms/findommes would be to do your research, never try to step on another master/mistress’ toes (someone always gets hurt and it’s rarely the veteran who bleeds), and really consider what your doing so you know exactly what limits to set for a sub and for yourself (personally, I only do online).

What do you like most about being a sugarbabe or being in findom?
I do what I want, when i want, and no one can stop me.

What do you find most attractive in a sugardaddy or slave?
Most attractive quality in a submissive would be honesty, reliability, education /intelligence (all these qualities are in hardworking people who make me more money )

Who knows about your profession or hobby? What was their reaction?
My partner knows about it, he thinks its awesome, as does my best friend, I hide this from my family.

Can you live off it well or just enough for some expenses?
At this time, I can’t live off it, and I wouldn’t want to (you never know when the biggest contributor stops, end of the day, it’s their money), I use this to spoil myself (spas, shopping, trying the latest gastronomic delicacies, etc…) So I wouldn’t really consider stopping, I enjoy it too much.