how to find sugardaddy or paypig

How did you start being a sugarbabe or findom? What motivated you to it? I just began my new career path as an SB a few weeks ago because I got dumped for reasons others would clearly pay to be with me for. Looks, personality, and mind blowing sex. I told myself, F this, it’s time for what I have to offer to pay off! And just last night I read about being a findom. I said to myself, oh i can do that!

What were some of the negative experiences you had?
I got scammed on day 1 of being in the sugar bowl. Got mt bank info. All bad.

What were some of the more positive experiences you have had? My phone bill is paid so possible SDs don’t lose contact. Went on my 1st date last night. Expensive meal, followed by shopping on his dime.

What advice can you give to others who would like to try it?
Go for it! Everyone has an angle. Its mutually beneficial.

What do you like most about being a sugarbabe or being in findom?SBs have it good. Findoms may have it mastered!

What do you find most attractive in a sugardaddy or slave?
$ is no object.

Who knows about your profession or hobby? What was their reaction? A handful of friends and fam and they’re excited for me.

Have you ever consider not doing it anymore? why? I just started! I want this to last aa long as possible.

Can you live off it well or just enough for some expenses?soon i will be able to live off of this.

How has your life changed with it?less stress. Money does buy happiness folks!