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How did you start being a sugarbabe or findom? What motivated you to it?
I first heard about sugar relationships and findom when I was researching the many different fetishes out there in the world. Why was I looking up something like that? Because my goal is to be a Sex Therapist with a background in Family and Marriage Counseling since they all go hand to hand. And besides how am I supposed to connect with future clients if i don’t know anything? As soon as my 18 birthday came I made my first sugar baby profile. It was a great catch on the first try. I bagged three sugar parents who besides one of them turned slightly sexual. The money and new experiences was awesome. One of them I still keep in contact with, pet name Shitpeg. With Shitpeg I was able to indulge in my prodomme fantasies. I was flattered that he recommended me to his other paypig friends and other subs. I’ve decided to sell my prodomme services and used panties since I’ve noticed a correlation between the three fetishes. I’m naturally a dominate person who sadly moved to a place full of sensitive people, so having paypigs, subs and submissive/dominate sugar parents are fun.


What were some of the negative experiences you had?
One time Shitpeg recommended me to a used panties custmer. He failed to let the customer know about my straight to the point candid personality and he failed to tell me about the customer information and was only interested in used pantiesso that way I know how to approuch. That transaction made me miss out on a big sale. At least I punished Shitpeg.
What were some of the more positive experiences you have had?
I went horseback riding for the first time and I got the chance to find new hiking spots thanks to my sugar mama.
What advice can you give to others who would like to try it?
Although I’m still relatively new I always research EVERYTHING there is to know about certain fetishes. What can I say I’m a nerd like that. Basic common sense advice: If you’re not comfortable with something let the person you’re interacting with know, but normally there are red flags so don’t ignore them. I personally kept some sort of record of everything to A notice patterns from recurring time wasters (you’ll hear this word a lot) and remind myself of scams. But then again I’m anal about everything. Look at other sugar babies or findoms although everyone is unique you’ll notice pattern. To sugarbabes protect yourself. All my short/long term sugar parents that got used me knew that I always had pepper spray. First meet ups are always nerve wracking for both you and the potential sugar parent. Research and keep yourself updated about any scams out there.
What do you like most about being a sugarbabe or being in findom?
I grew up knowing that I’m not straight while growing up in an very religious household. I’ll admit I enjoy and sometimes get turned on doing something completely taboo. The money and the experiences.
What do you find most attractive in a sugardaddy or slave?
Those who appreciate a dark sense of humor and have one as well. I prefer and get turned on by people who are completely comfortable with their sexuality number one example of this straight cis-men who doesn’t mind getting pegged by a female and doesn’t feel like it will harm their masculinity.
Who knows about your profession or hobby? What was their reaction?
Only one close friend knows. She’s only worried about crazy people that may kidnap me if I meet them but she knows that I’m a crazy hard-ass New Yorker that will defend myself at all cost.
Have you ever consider not doing it anymore? Why?
Nope. I’m just getting started and I want to countie even after I have my career. If not a sugarbaby then as findom and prodomme.
Can you live off it well or just enough for some expenses?
Right now I am saving money while also paying some expenses.
How has your life changed with it?
It’s more fun than going to a stupid college party with drunk stupid people.