Miss Cordellia from New York City United States

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Name:Miss Cordellia
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26 years old
29.8.1993 (Virgo)
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Seeking:Lookin For Generou$$$ Submissive White Collar Men, Cash App Me Now $PinayTSDomina (seeking)
Height:170cm / 5 ft 6 ins
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About me:
Check my page www.mistresscordellia.tumblr.com
Wanna watch my videos i have JustForFans & Onlyfans profile , Let me know! Ill send you my links!

My name is Mistress Cordellia, I am a naturally dominant TRANSwoman who lives an exciting and luxurious life through submissives who lust to serve Me. My life is about expressing My dominance, enjoying Myself, and sharing My attention with those who dedicate themselves to worshipping My Divine Self. I am recognized within the BDSM community as an extraordinary TS Dominatrix, however I am also highly-creative and a self-invented findom Goddess who enjoys Her creative side. A bit about My Divine Self... I command respect and lust from men simply because of who I am. I have always been this way, and ever since I could remember I have been harnessing the devotion and strong admiration of men all over the world. I know that I am the embodiment of a true Goddess and that I should be treated as such. I totally expect men to cater to My whim, no matter what they have to sacrifice in order to meet My expectations. I have never needed men but have found that they have profoundly craved Me and have done wild things to capture My attention, even if only briefly. I know that you will fall deeply under My spell, whether or not you can help it, because I am an intoxicating Goddess whose insatiable financial appetite should obviously be met! I like to document My privileged lifestyle with those who are worthy of receiving the web-address. I have an extensive collection of photographs and assignments documenting My relationship to submissives who choose to engage in viewing My supreme life!

I have traveled the world many times over, purchased many designer pieces, leather goods, designer bags and fetish clothing, luxurious (red sole) high heels and have had men literally fall at My feet begging for My attention - from painting My Divine Self to offering trips, to impressive tributes, and of course, much more. 

What's next for Me?... I aim to find even MORE submissives to engage in worshiping Me as their One True Goddess, to serve Me devotedly, and to become completely and wholly MINE. I want nothing more than to own your pathetic loser self and most importantly your wallet. My time is VERY valuable and you will do whatever it is in your power to do to win my attention.

I am sincere and passionate and know what I want and what makes Me happy. I am the REAL THING! A one-of-a-kind findom - this is My 24/7 LIFESTYLE, not an "act". If you are ready to contribute to My life as a financial paypet, you can begin by proving your worth to Me by reading My page (you sad, obsessive little slave) and then Tribute Me at mica.danas@yahoo.com(PAYPAL id) with a 50 GBP  to prove yourself. 

NO TRIBUTE = NO response. Do this immediately and this will be just the start of your long and fulfilling journey into putting a smile on My Divine Face!
Miss Cordellia is from New York City United States and 26 years old Female. Her Ad: DOMINANT TRANSWOMAN now in NEWYORK looking for filthy rich Submissive sugar daddy! Call me Now 9293095476
Seeking: Lookin For Generou$$$ Submissive White Collar Men, Cash App Me Now $PinayTSDomina
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