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21 years old
2.2.1997 (Aquarius)
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* Findom
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$ 12.37
Distance:10513 km
Seeking:Mistress Wants Obedient Paypigs To Serve Her (seeking)
Height:162cm / 5 ft 3 ins
Last Login:5 minutes ago
Hepays Profile ID:#98534
Profile Views:1881
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About me:
I am a Latina FinDomme from Mexico - lives between San Diego- US, Buenos Aires- Argentina and Berlin, Dresden or somewhere in Bodensee - Germany (weird, I know)
I speak Spanish, English and some German (shout out to my deutsche, österreichisch or schweizer zahlschweine, love your wurst because they are funnier haha)

Yes, I do believe Latinas do it better... we just have the sassy attitude and hotness in our blood.
NEVER ever call me Ma'am - only Mistress, Miss, Ms, Goddess, Princess, Queen, Diosa, Princessa, Ama, or Señorita are allowed.

I have a special kink for what I would call "whiteslaves" from Europe, US, CA or AU [Please don't get offended, it´s my thing, let it go!]
To me means a my personal fetish, a play on the ultimate way of taking revenge on you losers who "conquered" my country. It´s payback bitches. Now who is Dominating who?

[I am NOT a racist for white people or any other race either for that matter.
Some (most) whiteboys are cute AF, but as I said.. It's my thing and, let it go!
I will NOT initiate or engage in any political/ degrading racial slurs, I just like to play round with stereotypes.
Whenever I travel to Europe, I see all these gorgeous men that I always develop crushes for, and I talk to them first but they are so "cold poker face" that I do since I never need to beg for a man and I loose interest. And even though Latinas are seen as exotic in Europe, and I find that men tend to be in fact weaker, only after I leave is when my "crush" ends up confessing that he wished he had use up time wisely to have dare spent more time with me or even kiss me. And then I really lose my head over that... wtf dude, grow some balls! Oh wait, you have none.
In Mexico or Argentina (both where Findom scene is not existant), the Machismo culture has fucked too much with my head that I just need a way to prove myself that as a WOMAN I can also be Dominant. And in case you didn't know Jupiter is the planet of Power and Strenght]

This idea and the thought that your money is sent from overseas gets me on another level of what really turns me on.
Free task - Send me a pic of the cover of your passport with my name on paper to prove me that you are from where you say you are, that is hot! After all, this is what Findom frequently is, just an overseas relationship. For example, if you are from UK - I feel like Ill be having tea with the Queen, except I´d be getting wet, drinking tea and touching myself while you send me your Pounds. Does this mean you are Pounding me? NO ;)

I am into wallet rinsing -small and hard-, kik drain sessions with my domme friends (I am in some groups- but I much rather invite Dommes that I actually like and want to support into a private session with us) finsub ownership shorterm or longterm (ask for application if you are serious), Latina Supremacy, Spanish humiliation, Cuckold, findom task games, dick humiliation, blackmail, rip off, ignore, foot fetish, tits worshiping (I have an amazing rack, I know), ass worshipping, joi, cei, sock fetish, dirty feet, dirty soles, spit fetish, forced intox, lip fetish, chastity, spin the wheel, adopt a bill, reimbursement opportunities, cum control, among others. Let me know yours if I didnt listed it here, I might be into or willing to try.

Hard limits: ME nude / Your unsolicited dick pics, know how to ask for a dick tax / You trying to catfish me into saying "I beg for your Paypal Goddess - *gives address* - can you blackmail me? come and rinse it on my Teamviewer, have alpha send me a request too goddess if youd like, make me a sissy and expose me miss" - NO. And you dont get my hard limits in fetishes for free, that is for sure.

Pig, if you sniff around my profile like 20 times, please read my profile and instead of visiting, just write me a message.
I am a believer that some subs that keep visiting my profile might be shy, so if I like your profile or the way you interact with the site, I may feel entlitled to message you first. I do not see thid as poaching, as Dominants go for what they hunt for.
Sure, I believe subs should be making the first move, but feel priviledged if I want to interact with you.

I have plenty of content out there for you to know that I am real, and verified. Please don't be rude and ask for verification when you can find it yourself.
I am not a Domme that will demand your to tribute me right away, but I am already giving you a lot of info about my personality and content for YOU to drool over me and see if we click. So if you DO approach me, I will assume you have read me and are prepared to serve me tribute at any given point.

And when you do, know that I will drain your wallet, and you will show me with it what your dick cant do.
You can live off toast the rest of your useless life, but I will get all your money. I want your wallet. I want to use you. My cute sweet nature is just a manipulation to rinse your wallet just like one would take a hair from a cat. So essy you wont even notice.
Remember your place as a paypig, and remember it well. You are a filthy little dick that is only useful when handing over money to a Latina Goddess like me.

Circle Pay and Amazon US GC - mistressjupiter777@gmail.com
Cash App - $jupiter777
Paypal - Venmo - Google Pay - Skrill - Payoneer - Zelle - DM ME FOR INFO

*Fly Me Somewhere
Southwest Airlines: https://www.southwest.com/gift-card/home.html
Norwegian Air: https://en.norwegianreward.com/gift-card

*Buy Me An Experience
Free task - dare to try Spanish and surprise me - prices are in $ARS and they only take American Express or Mastercard International (Visa not accepted)

Please ME with for any of these, you have plenty of options, dont be selfish.
Once you tribute, remember that silent tributes are the best for any FinDomme, so cute and unexpected!
I DO NOT accept other Gift Cards atm - please do not ask.

Tu Diosa Jupiter wants you to declare and pay your Tribute Travel Status
🗺Travel Book paypig €7 / $7
⚡️Discount Fare paypig €17 / $17
💺Base Fare paypig €27 / $ 27
✈️Coach Class paypig €37 / $37
🏖Visitor paypig €47 / $47
🛌Couchsurfer paypig €57 / $57
📸Tourist paypig €67 / $67
👑Business Class paypig €77 / $77
🏰Excursionist Paypig €87 / $87
💰First Class paypig €97 / $97
🌃Travel Expert paypig €107 / $107
🎰Resident paypig €777 / $777
🌎Citizenship / Jackpot paypig €7777 / $7777 💦🔥

KIK - llwinki
Email - mistressjupiter777@gmail.com
Findom Discord Server - mistressjupiter
Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/mistressjupiter
Findoms - https://www.findoms.com/index.php/jupiter778/
HePays - https://www.hepays.com/MsJupiter
NiteFlirt -https://www.niteflirt.com/Mistress%20Jupiter
Skype - mistressjupiter777 $30 tribute if you contact me here (Does not mean session)
Hangouts - mistressjupiter 777 $30 tribute if you contact me here (Does not mean session)
Whatsapp - Unlock tribute $300 (I will not take phonecalls, audio messages and text only)

It is very rare for me to do cash meets because I am all over the place - currently in Argentina, which... I doubt you´ll come to see me, or would you???

P.S. On a personal level, a thing about me is that traveling is the true love of my life, thankful to have been to 25+ countries. Your tributes will be always used to buy stupid shit to spoil myself because you deserve nothing but to make ME happy, and also to keep learning about this beautiful world.
My favorite desserts are anything pistacchio! Ice cream, Italian pastries and baklavas... $end me a tribute to make me a happy lady eating her pistachhios - they are expensive!!!
I can literally eat 30 euros worth of baklava in a row, love me some Italian or Turkish desserts.. absolutely the best.
In my vainilla life, I am a clinical researcher for HIV+ and Hepatology, so I take pride in doing some good to the world... and mindfucking yours financially :)

Unlock your priviledges to serve me and find some purpose, cerdito sucio ;)
Besos.. a mis pies HAHA!
MistressJupiter is from In Your Head United States and 21 years old Female. Her Ad: seeking rich guy for online fin dom!
Seeking: Mistress Wants Obedient Paypigs To Serve Her
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