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Name:Natalie Jade ✖️
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26 years old
14.2.1993 (Aquarius)
Membership: Rich & VIP
Trust Level: High trust. Nice Person (879 Points)
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* Findom
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$ 0
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$ 107.48
Distance:12583 km
Seeking:Control (seeking)
Height:168cm / 5 ft 6 ins
Last Login:3 hours ago
Hepays Profile ID:#395537
Profile Views:1708
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About me:
**New Twitter account: Follow me @obeynataliejade

Natalie Jade, 26, Female Supremacist, My hair smells of lavender, and I don’t take shit from anyone. I pay My own bills and buy what I want, but I prefer to spend your money while doing it. Send Me money for shoes, for makeup, for bills, for fun. Send Me money to play with, because I want it - because I deserve it - because I said so. It’s called financial domination for a reason.
My fetish is control-based. Favorite pastimes include debt contracts and budget control; I dabble in most BDSM fetishes.

Are you not a looking to be a long term submissive/slave? Are you just a pathetic pay pig who feels the need to empty their wallet for a lovely lady? Skip to My payment info now and send away.

1. You must be 18+
2. Photos/videos sent to Me must be of yourself and yourself only. I will not share/post your image without consent.
3. Sessions are text/chat based only. I do send photos/clips tailored to our personal D/s relationship. Make no mistake, I am not here to have sex with you. Only in your wildest dreams would I let you rise above my ankles. Viewing My image is a privilege and will be treated as such. I will decide what you see and when you see it. I can be sweet, a bitch, a tease, your only fantasy, and your favorite nightmare.
4. Respect. I will not give the time of day to an annoying, cheap, defiant, rude, or disrespectful person. You are to be polite and well-mannered at all times. Also, ask to leave the conversation. Don’t simply stop replying to My messages... say ‘goodbye’ and act like you know how to be socially etiquette. Dont typ lik dis.
5. Money - have some. Be USEFUL. Don’t waste My time. I’m busy. I have a life. I don’t have time to coddle you broke, wannabe subs.
6. Refer to Me as Miss, unless I have taken you in as a sub/slave. Only then may you refer to Me as Goddess/Mistress, etc...
7. I control your pleasure. Masturbation, orgasm, removing chastity devices, using sex toys, etc...You’d better believe you’re going to ask permission first.
8. Loyalty. You’re here to please Me. Make Me happy, devote yourself to Me, worship Me. You are not to serve another Domme while you are serving at My pleasure.

(Amazon credit accepted at above address/wishlist available to loyal subs.)
CashApp/Venmo: obeynataliejade
Natalie Jade ✖️ is from California United States and 26 years old Female. Her Ad:
Seeking: Control
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