Hello! My name is Fredrik and I am a 34 year old software engineer from Sweden. I am on this site looking for an long term online D/s arrangement. I offer monetary gifts in exchange for your time if I fancy you.

About you
Fluent in English (or Swedish)
Under 28 years old
Fit or thin
Into gaming or programming - so we have lots of things in common to talk about
Dominant - no experience required, but I want you to enjoy (or at least be curious about) this aspect.
No children
Not on this site as your job - You’re preferably a student or an aspiring twitch streamer. I have absolutely nothing against sex workers, but I want exclusivity and I don't wish to pay a living salary.

What I want from an arrangement:
Daily chatting - about anything and everything. Likely through a chat app.
Media - pictures and voice clips, maybe videos. I don’t want anything nude. But I want lewd stuff and seeing your face is important.
Masturbation control - I want you to control how and when I touch my cock.
Exercise and diet control - You help me lose weight with motivation and D/s elements.

If you fit my requirements and are interested, please write me. Or if you want to chat about something I'm usually up for that as well.
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