Beware of Scammers.

Scammers are usually from Africa, Middle East or Asia
They pretend to be US persons with US phone numbers
A few girls were scammed on hepays thats why they are active here although we have a good reporting system
In comparison to the past their ways and english have become more sophisticated

Common Scams:
Gift Card Scam
They want your account info to load some gift card
Anything that has to do with loading your gift card forget it. Dont give out any bank info
They might even say its already maxed out or something and then they spend it on themselves

Direct bank access
They request your bank info. Dont give it out to them

Requesting login information to hepays or other sites
Offers you money in return for login information on hepays or other sites. Never sends the money and deletes your hepays account. never give away your login information to any site
Important: Never give your login information to anyone. HePays will never ask for it

Requesting naked photos and offering money
Nobody will send you money if you send them what they want first. We advise against sending naked photos under any circumstance.

Faking flight receipts
It is possible to fake flight receipts. Some of them will look like Expedia

If a message looks like this or something similar, ignore it. its a scam
***Hello my dear, How are you? My name is James, Your profile stood you nice and i would love to get to know you more, i'm interested in you and honestly i'm ready to spoil you with all the good things life has to offer. Contact me on 7722282545, if you don't mind giving me a try let me comfort you ( I WILL ONLY KNOW THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS IF YOU TEXT ME ON MY NUMBER)***

Video: Always do cam verification with the person you are seriously interested in.

Instead of giving your money to scammers you should load your account on hepays

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