Teamviewer rinsing

Any Dommes that like to use Teamviewer to rinse and drain?. Write anything you want in this group & forum for Teamviewer rinsing
posting is completely for free & its about Any Dommes that like to use Teamviewer to rinse and drain?
Teamviewer rinsing
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I love TeamViewer. If your not a timewaster, DM so I can verify.
by MistressxxLana United States 10 months ago
I require a small deposit, only used twice.
by GoddessEmerald United States 1 year ago
Just now figuring out team viewer! Fun stuff ;)
by GoddessGreed United States 1 year ago
I do ;)
by United States 1 year ago
Wallet Rape, Rinse and REPEAT!!! Start leaking from your stiff rod.. Get your Visa out for my shopping spree.

Kik thespoiledgoddess

by GoddessATL United States 1 year ago

Men in Teamviewer rinsing

Women in Teamviewer rinsing

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