Pay pigs looking to get rinsed.

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This group is for all you little piggys who love being rinsed by beautiful mistresses.. Write anything you want in this group & forum for Pay pigs looking to get rinsed.
posting is completely for free & its about This group is for all you little piggys who love being rinsed by beautiful mistresses.
Pay pigs looking to get rinsed.
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I am always open to rinse a pay pig anyday, it's what I do, I do meet ups aswel, with advanced payment.
by CrystalBabyX United Kingdom 3 years ago
Want some tributes please or can i just rinse you. Paypal or kik rosepetal30ish
by 2 months ago
Pay pig i want to milk you paypal
by 2 months ago
Spoil me pigs.

Kik lindsay710
by lindsayts710 United States 11 months ago
For those truly interested in FINANCIAL domination dealing with longterm total power exchange such as budget control, computer lockdown, blackmail, Anydesk or Teamviewer play... Join this group run by @amy__murphy00 and myself.

THIS GROUP IS CLOSED FOR SUBS ONLY. You will not have to deal with 80 insta-dommes in your messages.

If you not prepared to tribute or submit do not bother.
by 11 months ago
I was just recently approached by a slave who proposed a slow rinse session. While being flooded with time wasters I was wary. But I allowed him a shot to prove himself worthy of my time. And what did that little boy did? He proved me wrong. I became excited at his absolute willingness to obey orders, his own pleasure growing as I came up with new tasks and games. I've come up with some great games for sissies too who want try to live up to My beauty. Matching outfits and all.

However, I'm always looking to broaden my horizons. What sparks your interest? What brought you here? I don't only want your money I want your goddamn soul . I want you to surrender yourself to me not just only because it feels required of you, but because you seek proper control. I want this to go at a pace that builds trust on both ends. I want true devotion and dedication to Me. Learning you and the things that make you squirm, tick, ooze and whimper will give Me what I seek. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is what makes Me superior. Finding the ways that make you bend and break to my will is exhilarating. It takes time and is the whole part of the fun. Financial domination is not just about "fuck you pay me" it is learning how to get you to give me WHATEVER I desire without demands. If you enjoy draining, what is it that gets you aroused? Everyone is different, there is no textbook, everyone has different desires. This journey should be fun for all of us. Even if it is just fun for you to please me wholeheartedly with no expectations.

Amazon gift card


by 11 months ago

I am now accepting applications/ applicants and/or candidates for any of the following postions:

1) A Sugar daddy - MUST BE ABLE TO USE: etransfer or PayPal ONLY

2) 2 -3 Paypiggies

3) 1 or 2 sub(s)

4) 2 slaves

To apply:

Send me a message (on here) or on
Kik: carebear933
Skype: Latinababymami
Or message me your number if you have whatsapp and I’ll add you

(Please answer the following question(s)

1) which position(s) are you applying for? Why should I pick you?

2) do you use etransfer or PayPal to send money? (If you answered no you’re automatically not going to get chosen) (if you answered yes, continue to question 3)

3) what are you wanting/ expecting from me, what do I gotta do?

4) message me if you can hold a conversation you have a better chance of being chosen

*sending me a small tribute to my PayPal gets you a better chance at be chosen for the position you want*

PayPal email:
PayPal link:
by Latinababymamii Canada 11 months ago
Hello sluts, peabrains, betas, pin dicks, and losers. This is your addiction speaking. Come check me out on Twitter @ Let That powerlessness overflow If you’re lucky, you might get a message back. Approach me correctly or not at all
by MistressMelannia United States 1 year ago
Hello pay pigs, to me to be rinsed baby. Pm me for details xx
by RACHEL.TG United Kingdom 1 year ago
Who wants to get naughty and have some fun with me?

Please pay tribute PayPal.Me:carrieann933

Than we will see whom I deem worthy of getting naughty with me
by Latinababymamii Canada 1 year ago
Which of you fuckers needs to get sucked today?
by Bertje Belgium 1 year ago
I’m the type of goddess to keep things private. If you want to see and know more about me, I need to know your not a fuckboy waste of time. I love to blackmail. I love to make you worship my ass and feet and of course beautiful face, and control your every move within and inch of your tortured climax, you pathetic nerds. Tributes or stay in the dark. 👋🏻
by DomNiNi United States 1 year ago
Cute redhead seeks guy to help with bills

Goddess Jemma is a beautifull babe from Liverpool UK. She is by nature dominant and a financial goddess seeking genuine Dutch or Belgium money slaves/ pay pigs/ sugar daddies. Goddess Gemma needs someone to help with her financial hardship. She is a vet nurse student and has more bills than money. Only contact Goddess Gemma if you’re serious and you need to tell her what turns you on. She is clever but not a mind reader. If you don’t have money to spend on her donot waste her valuable time dude! Goddess Jemma is at this website not for her pleasure but to seek someone that will spoil her. So no pathetic excuses like ‘I don’t have money but’. Go jerk your pathet dick elswhere in that case. Jemma don’t bother what your problem for not paying is. Donot even consider writing her withouth a trubute you jerk.

Visit her new Belgium website
by Bertje Belgium 1 year ago
by 1 year ago
All day long I see the same pathetic needs re visiting my page o er and over again without a word or dollar exchanged. It’s so pathetic. Who here is actually looking to spoil and make their useless existence worthwhile by spoiling a beautiful goddess? Still waiting for someone to really grab my attention on here and tired of baby dick sized tributes that make me laugh. Let’s see someone do better, little “pigs” 🙄
by DomNiNi United States 1 year ago
by 1 year ago
Pitiful pigs I'm ready to bleed you dry
by 1 year ago
Going to take a nap. Send me something exciting to wake up to 👼🏻 Generous tributes will get a surprise.

Payment methods on my profile.
by 1 year ago
Ready to be rinsed the fuck out of worthless piggies?
by 1 year ago
Think you’re a pathetic loser who probably lives at home with his parents?
If you pay me like you should because I deserve it, oh believe me I can make you feel as pathetic as you are
by 1 year ago
Think you’re a pathetic loser who probably lives at home with his parents?
If you pay me like you should because I deserve it, oh believe me I can make you feel as pathetic as you are
by 1 year ago
It's what you live for... makes you tick and gets you all hot and bothered...

Well lucky for you, you've stumbled upon me. A beautiful, young, bbw.

Send me a tribute. Pop me a message and maybe, just maybe i'll give your life that little ray of light it so desperately needs

circlepay -
CashApp - £Esmarelda
by MissEsmarelda United Kingdom 1 year ago
It's my birthday June 11th and I can think of nothing better than being spoiled absolutely rotten. I'll be returning from a 5 day music festival, I'm going for an extravagant lunch and then heading out for a fancy ass meal. On top of all of this I want my wishlist to be purged and my tributes to be thrilled ugh the roof. First 1k tribute? Who knows. I expect big things however. 😘

Amazon wishlist in my profile. 🍑
by GoddesHT United Kingdom 1 year ago
Come and become addicted Domme/Findom also now doing cash meets cbt and humiliation my favourite at the moment. Also follow me on Twitter Mrsgoddess32
I deserve everything I want and you will pay for every little thing I want! .....loyal subs only don’t apply if you are a broke time waster!!!!!
Always show me the RESPECT I deserve!
Always comment with MISTRESS ....:I’m not your mate or your gf you are a object I own simple #Domme #Findom #cashmeets #australia
by Jas crueldomme Australia 1 year ago
Australian domme
 · Jas crueldomme · not verified · $25.52 · Reply · Follow · Block · 1 year ago · 3766 km · See All
I am currently excepting new loyal finsubs. Someone who loves being humiliated and drained by a Beautiful Ebony Queen. Send me a message only if you aren’t going to waste my time.
by QueenJade United States 1 year ago
Seeking paypigs to spoil me financially! I only use the cash app:) kik me at betsysaliv
by betsysaliv United States 1 year ago
Beautiful young goddess looking to rinse a pathetic piggie.
by 1 year ago
this seems like my sort of group! oink oink!!
by 1 year ago
Worthy piggie bank awaiting your paycheck.. It's payday piggies!!! 🐖💰
by Leo86x United Kingdom 1 year ago
Skype -
It's a beautiful day to give me money
by MistressRoze Singapore 1 year ago
14 fucking GODDESSES in this group. 👀👀
6 paypigs looking to get rinsed. 💰❓

if you each pay $80, amongst 14 women you'll buy our $30 lunches today. Then you are real paypigs. choose 3 goddesses each because we deserve more for being beautiful.

don't, and risk losing members, access, and being blocked.

I'm a scorpio and this hepays.


#domme #dominatrix
by Dragona United States 1 year ago

Men in Pay pigs looking to get rinsed.

Women in Pay pigs looking to get rinsed.

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