PAYPIG Loser!!

Paypigs slave with your wallet and humiliation.. give me all your money and be a good lil paypig bitch.... Write anything you want in this group & forum for PAYPIG Loser!!
posting is completely for free & its about Paypigs slave with your wallet and humiliation.. give me all your money and be a good lil paypig bitch...
PAYPIG Loser!!
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All you PAYPIG losers get ready to be sucked dry through your wallet. Your purpose for life is to spoil me ... point blank period
by kayBay22 United States 1 year ago
You piggies seriously need to up your level of obedience!! Prove your worthy of my precious time and pay the fuck up!!! ⏳
by Leo86x United Kingdom 4 months ago
I need a pathetic little piggy to drain... kik me @ MissCharlieFox ... send gifts and gift cards to show me you're worthy of my precious time ...
by United Kingdom 7 months ago
Everything you need to know about my birthday!

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s my Birthday!

December 2nd was the exact date that a Goddess was born. As such, you should devote yourself to worship on this holiday more than any other! And how can you show your appreciation to your divine findom Goddess? With tribute and gifts of course!

My favorite way of receiving tribute is through Gift Rocket. I love this so much because I get 100% of what you send to Me! My email for these is (Which is also My email for Amazon Gift Cards). Or, if you are one of My seasoned slaves and have access to My Paypal tribute information, you can always send your Goddess a tribute that way.

Want to send Me something more personal? That’s simple – check out Delivery Code Wish List! I have plenty on there, so there is sure to be something that you would love to see in My perfect Princess hands! And as an added bonus, if you buy Me a gift from My Delivery Code wish list, I’ll take a picture of Me using it and send it to you. If it’s a REALLY good gift, I’ll make a short clip for you of Me wearing/using/playing with My new toy.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it! No excuses – ALL of My boys WILL send Me a Birthday gift and/or tribute!
by MissCurves Australia 5 months ago
Want to be rinsed? Go and buy me as much as you can. Spoil me. Surprise me. Make me happy.
by MissCurves Australia 7 months ago

Perfection isn't cheap. Want to worship perfection? Pay up, pig.
by 8 months ago
Cum orgasm control,denials, humiliation, rough or mild, paypigs APPLY NOW!
by bellagirl Italy 4 months ago
we want to rinse you
by 2godesses Sweden 6 months ago
calling all losers to apply to worship me and my girlfriend. Your soul purpose is to entertain us and nothing else
by 2godesses Sweden 9 months ago
Tribute cash excites me hurting you would more
by Lexxii United States 9 months ago
Tribute cash excites me hurting you would more
by Lexxii United States 9 months ago
Tribute cash excites me hurting you would more
by Lexxii United States 9 months ago
Tribute cash excites me hurting you would more
by Lexxii United States 9 months ago
Searching for an obedient paypig who wants his wallet rinsing to fuck
by Domkitty1 United Kingdom 10 months ago
Instagram: pocahontas304
SQUARE CASH :$pocahontas304
KIK: WaterWetPocahontas

by Pocahontas304 United States 10 months ago
I am a Goddess to you and you will listen and obey my requests!

Obviously looking for a rich man to earn lots of money and spend it on me so if you don't leave my page because you don't deserve me

PAY me at
by GiveItToMeNOWpiggy Australia 11 months ago
Hey you..yeah you, you loser pay pig. Spoil me pay me and be happy.
by Mistresskelly44 United States 1 year ago
Looking for a loyal paypiggy. Send me $50 for my number.

Kik: bee1198

Square Cash:$bee1198
Venmo: @bee11
Amazon eCards sent to:

I won't use PayPal and I won't give you my bank info. Don't waste my time, piggy.
by bee1198 United States 1 year ago
I hate amazon tributes alredy have so much on There , still have one place open pay me is what you live for ;) Kik godessnoffi
by 10 months ago
I bet you can't impress me, piggie.
Let me drain your wallet. I'll be the Goddess of you're dreams, unless you're disobedient.
Kik: 9714babygirl
Let me know you're from HePays and be ready to tribute!
by GoddessKira United States 1 year ago
you've never been wallet raped by a elite ebony domme like me
kik kandythedoll
by Mistresskandy United States 1 year ago
Give me what I deserve. C'mon, piggies, I need a new human ATM. Kik: GoddessAyla
by GoddessAyla United States 1 year ago
Paypigs get your arse here and message me you worthless loser. So let me rape your wallet!!!! Message me now what you waiting for......
by Princessesstar United Kingdom 1 year ago
Looking for a new loser to ruin. Online paypig? Get in touch. Everything of yours is mine, if you have to take a loan out for me... I don't care. Be financially ruined. Send and submit today.
Not interested in non paying losers!
Check my profile for details.
by Abbyy36 United Kingdom 11 months ago
Go check out my profile and see if we are compatable. I'm ready to play.
by GoddesHT United Kingdom 1 year ago
I'm selecting a foot slave for chastity and with weekly tributes. Send me a message so we can talk
by 8 months ago
Pay immediately $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I need this
Kik : elely13

No waste my time if you don't have $$$$$ for me !!!
by Elely United Kingdom 9 months ago
Impress me and tell me a good reason why I should show you my private pictures. Tribute is of course encouraged, but convince me.
by EmpressMiriam United States 1 year ago
I'm looking forward to you handing over cash whenever my desire arrives. I accept Skrill, PayPal, and Amazon gift cards.
by KristenSparks United States 10 months ago
looking for some loser to spoil me ! please message if serious xo ur princess
by lea804 United States 4 months ago
To a paypig, the birthday of a findom Mistress is the most important day of the year-
And mine is quickly approaching.

So get your wallet out, and send me a birthday tribute with the money you know you don't deserve to have loser.

Or send Amazon gift cards to:
by Mahzara Canada 1 year ago

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