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Paypig losers
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I'm not wasting my time explaining why a loser should pay me. Look me up. It's self explanatory.
by GoddesHT United Kingdom 1 hour ago
I'm an experienced Goddess and I am currently accepting new loyal moneyslaves. My profile tells my favorite kinks and I'm hard to please. I have studied hypnosis, so I'm able to totally control a slave's mind. If you think you have enough control of yourself, would you dare to inbox me?
by ClassyGoddess Brazil 5 hours ago
I feel like taking your money. you should kik me @layshoniguess so we can set this up or better yet just cash app me $wonderstrike

come spoil me
by ThighsGalore United States 1 week ago
message me and you won't regret it. Dont think. Do.
by lealahmoon United States 1 week ago
Spoil me. NOW.
by lealahmoon United States 1 week ago
Pay me and thank me for the honor. Become entranced by my beauty and send every penny. 😈

Cash app: $PrincesssAnna
Amazon GC/Circlepay: honeypeaches08@gmail
by EmpressAnna United States 1 week ago
Spoil me and give me your all ❤️ I want you to make a wish of mine come true so why haven’t you sent me money yet?
by moeka Germany 2 weeks ago Spoil me
by moeka Germany 3 weeks ago
Buy me a new controller paypig
by moeka Germany 3 weeks ago
Moeka · moeka · not verified · $2.30 · Reply · Follow · Block · 3 weeks ago · 5954 km · See All
Young goddess in search of serious paypig/sub/slave/ATM. If you are to weak to give me full control, don’t waste my time

by 1 month ago
Hey losers. Make yourselves useful by sending me an amazon gift: I'm only interested in piggies who put their money where their mouth is. Kik: aandi95
by Andi95 Turkey 1 month ago
Seeking paypigs to spoil me financially! I only use the cash app:) kik me at betsysaliv
by betsysaliv United States 1 month ago
Looking for my human atms. ! ;)
by 2 months ago
Want to get rinsed ? prove yourself by buying my wish list and i will decide if you if you are worthy of my time and energy piggies
by Pookie60 United Kingdom 3 months ago
Which of you lucky slaves will win my competition! 🤔

1st 🎁=???
2nd 🎁 =???
3Rd 🎁=???
DM "#playwithmykink"to enter!! 💌

I DARE YOU!! 😂😂😂
by Leo86x United Kingdom 2 months ago
I need a pathetic little piggy to drain... kik me @ MissCharlieFox ... send gifts and gift cards to show me you're worthy of my precious time ...
by United Kingdom 7 months ago
I need a pathetic little piggy to drain... kik me @ MissCharlieFox ... send gifts and gift cards to show me you're worthy of my precious time ...
by United Kingdom 7 months ago
Christmas tributes are due.

Amazon GC
by MissCurves Australia 4 months ago
Want to be rinsed? Go and buy me as much as you can. Spoil me. Surprise me. Make me happy.
by MissCurves Australia 7 months ago
Be a good boy, make yourself useful and open your wallet.
by 8 months ago
Goddess/Mistress ready to be worshipped. Ready to drain that wallet.
by --------- United Kingdom 10 months ago
Hi im Mistress Mandi follow me on twitter @mistressmandi3 i do humiliation blackmail cbt cei chastity smoking fetish foot fetish forced intox and more
by MistressMandi3 United States 10 months ago
Miss Lena wants to control your finances and make you begg pig for my attention. Let's see who's got what it takes to make me happy. You will pay a tribute to me and when you do you will then tell me why you should have my attention. No small talk myomere is money and my time isn't free so you disgusting pigs give me your cash and stop right here and loyalty is a 2 way road
by Breezylee76 Canada 10 months ago
Search for Slave to Take all their money and for torture !
by Lovethings Austria 10 months ago
I want a dickless wealthy man to allow me to humiliate him and abuse him financially on command. If your wallet thin and you not ready to spend don't even bother contacting me. If you looking for a busty bossy bitch to destroy your self esteem and control your earnings as if they were my own then here I am. Pay tribute before contacting me. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! NO SMALL TALK FOR FREE THIS AINT CHARITY BITCH!
by BossBitch34 United States 10 months ago
I know you want a sexy brown skin Caribbean Goddess to take all your money. Pay me and I'll play for you whenever you want. Paypal only, daddy. Show me how bad you want to be used and how much it turns you on... Let me own and control you the way you REALLY want me to. Think of all the sexy videos and pics I will send you when you complete that Paypal transaction - but no goodies until you work!

You like that baby? - do it NOW.
by islandbabe_13 United States 10 months ago
Looking for a mixed goddess? Message me for a new kind of domination ;) No timewasters though. I will bite.
by DiamondDivine0 Sweden 10 months ago
Looking for a mixed goddess? Message me for a new kind of domination ;) No timewasters though. I will bite.
by DiamondDivine0 Sweden 10 months ago

I want my very own human piggy bank to be under my control. I would ask nicely, but we both know you don't want me to.

I'm a smart girl who got a full ride to college, but that doesn't mean I don't want to indulge. I have expensive tastes, but and I want you to spend your money on my youth and my intelligence just for your own pleasure. It's a win-win, isn't it?

Why should I have to work when you can? Don't you want to feel that rush as you give me your hard earned cash, just for my approval? Sure, I'll be your friend and have deep conversations with you, but not without you handing something over to me.

I want to own you. I want to read all of the messages you send me, begging for my time. I won't acknowledge you until you get my attention in the right way. I won't give anything back to you except for the ownership and control that you crave. Cant you just feel it now, that absolutely erotic rush that goes through you when you send me money? I want you to tease yourself with little transactions, and orgasm as you send me a huge wad of your hard earned cash. Money is such a small thing for me to ask for when I will be giving you so much pleasure.

It turns me on to have a man in my control. The sexual power heightens my own sexuality and brings me immense amounts of pleasure. Knowing there is a man out there wanting my approval is extremely arousing. My favorite approach is allowing me to shop online and you providing the electronic gift cards. Filling the shopping cart is my foreplay, and I finally let myself cum when I click buy. It's even better to me if you get off on the experience, too. I'll be selfish with the money, but I won't hold you back from treating yourself to your own sexual reward. We're both allowed to feel physically good from these interactions now, aren't we?

You know how to get my attention, and don't waste my time.
by Haileyw6 United States 11 months ago
Bratty little here. Are you tired of the girls who just yell obscenities and act like that's what it's all about? Message me to see the more sensual side of findom. The only abuse I do is to your wallet. And trust me, that's all you need.
by Benji_babe United States 11 months ago

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