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This group is for all Pay Pigs and only one Mistress( Thats Me)
All pay pigs will get REWARDS. Write anything you want in this group & forum for Katyann Pay Pigs
posting is completely for free & its about This group is for all Pay Pigs and only one Mistress( Thats Me)
All pay pigs will get REWARDS
Katyann Pay Pigs
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I am here to be worshiped by you miserable peasants, but only those I deem worthy. Some of you arent worthy to eat my shit, so to weed out the weak and pathetic a tribute must be made before I'll even think about considering you for my pig pen, in fact I don't even want to hear from anyone whose first message to me doesn't include proof of tribute. If you are dumb enough to try contacting me without tribute you will be blocked like any other worthless peice of shit who can't follow directions.

Upon proof of tribute I will send you a short set of questions I expect you to answer honestly, this is your application and when you give it to me it is the start of a trial period during which I will consider letting you join my pen. The lucky pay pigs that qualify will have the privilege of being dominated by me as I suck their savings dry and use them like they need to be used so I maybe worshiped like the queen I am.
so Give me a fucking dollar to be owned by me
by Katy-Ann-128600 United States 2 years ago

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