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Human ATM Slaves
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Seeking paypigs to spoil me financially! I only use the cash app:) kik me at betsysaliv
by betsysaliv United States 9 months ago
I am looking for a worthless paypig who is willing to pay tribute through PayPal or Venmo I’m happy to talk about fetishes and needs. I’m also happy to verify that I’m real. I am a highly educated, drop dead gorgeous Goddess so you will worship me and only me. As a reward you will get to see Me (Skype and pictures of your choice if you please me) and hear my sexy sweet speaking voice and receive my orders!
by 9 months ago
I am looking for a worthless paypig who is willing to pay tribute through PayPal or Venmo I’m happy to talk about fetishes and needs. I’m also happy to verify that I’m real. I am a highly educated, drop dead gorgeous Goddess so you will worship me and only me. As a reward you will get to see Me (Skype and pictures of your choice if you please me) and hear my sexy sweet speaking voice and receive my orders!
by 9 months ago
I need a pathetic little piggy to drain... kik me @ MissCharlieFox ... send gifts and gift cards to show me you're worthy of my precious time ...
by United Kingdom 1 year ago
by 1 year ago
I need a pay piggy to worship me and spoil me for my birthday!!! Kik sessions
by PrincessCeleste284 United States 1 year ago
Looking for a pig to torture and drain your wallet
by CaramelFindommeGoddess United States 1 year ago
Send me money n I'll show you a good time
by Maheenj1 United States 1 year ago
Farmer and student in west Michigan seeking
and real time slaves. Bisexual fetishist switch loves impact play restraints bondage interested in fire cupping, wax, piercing and body modifications
by MI.MagnificentMaria United States 1 year ago
Hi im Mistress Mandi follow me on twitter @mistressmandi3 i do humiliation blackmail cbt cei chastity smoking fetish foot fetish forced intox and more
by MistressMandi3 United States 1 year ago
youre pathetic excuse for a human being! I might be small but I could ruin u !
by bethbnice United Kingdom 1 year ago
I want only one thing for you to make me happy by spoiling me. I want you to be my ATM knowing you put a smile on my face and I inturn will help your urges to spend. So spend. Spend it all on me. You must address me as mistress lena
by Breezylee76 Canada 1 year ago
Search for Slave to Take all their money and for torture !
by Lovethings Austria 1 year ago
I am a single mother which makes me a Goddess to you and you will listen and obey my requests!

Obviously looking for a rich man to earn lots of money and spend it on me so if you don't leave my page because you don't deserve me

PAY me at
by GiveItToMeNOWpiggy Australia 1 year ago
I'm here piggies
by Kaykels United States 1 year ago
Spoil me, Piggies, I deserve it 😘
by Spellboundfortune United States 1 year ago
I want my very own human piggy bank to be under my control. I would ask nicely, but we both know you don't want me to.

I'm a smart girl who got a full ride to college, but that doesn't mean I don't want to indulge. I have expensive tastes, but and I want you to spend your money on my youth and my intelligence just for your own pleasure. It's a win-win, isn't it?

Why should I have to work when you can? Don't you want to feel that rush as you give me your hard earned cash, just for my approval? Sure, I'll be your friend and have deep conversations with you, but not without you handing something over to me.

I want to own you. I want to read all of the messages you send me, begging for my time. I won't acknowledge you until you get my attention in the right way. I won't give anything back to you except for the ownership and control that you crave. Cant you just feel it now, that absolutely erotic rush that goes through you when you send me money? I want you to tease yourself with little transactions, and orgasm as you send me a huge wad of your hard earned cash. Money is such a small thing for me to ask for when I will be giving you so much pleasure.

It turns me on to have a man in my control. The sexual power heightens my own sexuality and brings me immense amounts of pleasure. Knowing there is a man out there wanting my approval is extremely arousing. My favorite approach is allowing me to shop online and you providing the electronic gift cards. Filling the shopping cart is my foreplay, and I finally let myself cum when I click buy. It's even better to me if you get off on the experience, too. I'll be selfish with the money, but I won't hold you back from treating yourself to your own sexual reward. We're both allowed to feel physically good from these interactions now, aren't we?

You know how to get my attention, and don't waste my time.

by Haileyw6 United States 1 year ago
Tribute for my attention
by Benji_babe United States 1 year ago
I require a Human ATM in the California Bay Area to come crawling to me with his wallet in his mouth. I know how it makes you feel and the rush you het from handing ovwr your ATM and handsfull of cash to me.
by Miatresskarma United States 1 year ago
This master needs a little faggot to obey him.
by BenjaminReeves United States 1 year ago
BBW looking for loyal pay pigs. Kik and pics available for good piggies. Let me be your fantasy 💕
by KittenSkull Canada 1 year ago
So sad have no pet or bitch to play with
by 1 year ago
Message me if you're looking for a real Goddess. It's time to find some new piggies.
by prettysimple105 United States 1 year ago
Looking for a loyal paypiggy. Send me $50 for my number.

Kik: bee1198

Square Cash:$bee1198
Venmo: @bee11
Amazon eCards sent to:

I won't use PayPal and I won't give you my bank info. Don't waste my time, piggy.
by bee1198 United States 1 year ago
Be my human atm and fulfil my desires... bitch let me spend your money
by Annachocolate Jamaica 1 year ago
I hate amazon tributes alredy have so much on There , still have one place open pay me is what you live for ;) Kik godessnoffi
by 1 year ago
Looking for a Paypiggy too Spoil me Rotten Send donations too my PayPal
by SexiiLexie United States 1 year ago
College is expensive. I'm tired of working shitty dead end jobs only to still be broke at the end of the day so I walked out on my shitty job and signed up for college the same day in hopes of becoming an Interior Designer. I'm still in Phase 1 of becoming a successful independent Interior Designer/Bad Bitch so that's where you come in and give me your money :) if you want to stand out from the crowd and get my attention I gladly accept donations :)
by babyblues91 United States 1 year ago
Follow me on twitter, mutts. @princessdommek I expect you to tribute like a good bitch before messaging me.
by 1 year ago
Mistress Penelope666, Hot, sexy Online dominatrix - I do email slave training, financial domination, panty slaves, humiliation, discipline, whatever I want and only if you are lucky enough to be chosen by me. I am an extremely strict mistress who gains immense pleasure in training and owning slaves. Occasionally I take pity on sad pathetic idiots like your miserable self and bring meaning to your lowly existence by allowing you the opportunity to join my online slave harem & take care of my financial demands. Particularly devoted slaves may be granted further privileges but those that disappoint me will be cut off & ignored for all eternity. I am discerning and do not have put up with time wasters and slave wannabes. If you are naturally submissive and wish to improve upon this you are allowed to apply for the honour of sharing some time with me and thus agreeing to subject yourself to my every whim & carry out whatever menial tasks I see fitting, which will also include making your wallet lighter Ha Ha!! Piggy Pig ‘oink oink’. I expect complete devotion and respect at all times, if you are incapable of understanding the benefits serving a superior Mistress like me can bring to your life then your feeble brain (if you have one) has not matured enough to appreciate my finer qualities. It's My world, My rules and My way! I will set you menial, degrading and humiliating tasks and will direct you online, you will have to send me proof that you have completed the tasks before you are allowed further time with me. You can email me but mind your manners and be respectful in the content.

I will take great pleasure in parting you with your hard earned cash, that is a real turn on for me. I DO NOT appreciate time wasters and I expect you to value the time I may be prepared to give you through email. You will worship me, obey me and beg me for mercy. In return you will receive my time by email and my worn thongs/knickers, pantyhose, stockings, socks and other special items if you show me you are worthy. Are you lucky enough to worship me. Mistress Penelope666

by Mistress_Penelope666 United Kingdom 1 year ago

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