FinDommes' Seeking Doting Finsubs.

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Ads for FinDomme's who want doting, loyal and obedient finsubs/paypigs.
No 'instadommes' or those who are wanting a quick cash grab.
. Write anything you want in this group & forum for FinDommes' Seeking Doting Finsubs.
posting is completely for free & its about Ads for FinDomme's who want doting, loyal and obedient finsubs/paypigs.
No 'instadommes' or those who are wanting a quick cash grab.

FinDommes' Seeking Doting Finsubs.
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Name: Violet Vee (Goddess Vee)

Age: 24

Location: UK (Online-Only FinDomme)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual (Lover of the mind.)

Relationship Status: Engaged

Likes: Humour, Intelligence, Playfulness, Gaming, Animals, Sarcasm, Wit, Your Bank Account.

Dislikes: Liars, Timewasters, Topping from the Bottom, Cake, Toxic Masculinity, Incompetence.

About Me:
Ultimately, being a FinDomme gives me the power control with the exchange of money - I want to mutually share this kink with a sub.
We should both be enjoying each other’s company & after a connection is established I’m willing to consider & indulge in the sub’s interests & other kinks under my discretion.
I offer a playful, trusting connection - I’m a conversationalist & getting to know people.
Nurturing a friendship & finding a considerate balance is important to me.
As well as giving all the aftercare needed, I like to push & encourage my subs to be the best person they can be for themselves, the people around them & your Goddess.

To potential subs:
I am looking for subs who want me to be happy. I want them to be obedient, loyal & honest.
They should have the upmost respect for me and their dedication to serve me is their priority.
I’d love someone who is doting, but not demanding & disrespectful.

I love conversation and prefer connections I make to have a mutual understanding and trust.
I want finsubs to get off just as much as me. I want to know they WANT to send.
I'm looking for long and short-term arrangements.

For longer term subs: You need to be able to financially serve me weekly with a substantial amount, daily tributes or surprise tributes may receive extra attention.
To understand my time is precious and will give you my attention as and when I decide.
Certain things you may desire can be considered after trust and loyalty is proven to me.
I also ask subs to write me a short paragraph about their week, as detailed as they wish for entertainment and check-in purposes.

Willing to consider:
• Creative Writing/Fantasy Role Play
• Fetish Exploration*
• Custom Pictures/Videos/Voice Notes*
• AnyDesk Sessions
• Ignore/Gooseberry
• Foot Pictures/Videos* (UK Size 5)
• Friendship/Conversation/Aftercare
*Rules & Limitations Apply.

Social Media:
• Twitter: @VioletVee10
• Kik: VioletVee10
• Tumblr: violetvee10
• Skype:

Payment Methods:
£violetvee (UK ONLY.)
CirclePay &

Given under my discretion.
by VioletVee10 United Kingdom 3 months ago

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