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FinDomme in search of those who want to serve your Goddess and spoil her with your service and wallet. Apply via message.
by LeatherLaceLuv United States 4 months ago
Mistress Seeking Obedient Slave To Own Entirely. You'll Wish I Just Wanted Your $$$, Paypiggie. (´♡(oo)♡`) Accepting Applications Now.
by 5 months ago
I'm an experienced Goddess and I am currently accepting new loyal moneyslaves. My profile tells my favorite kinks and I'm hard to please. I have studied hypnosis, so I'm able to totally control a slave's mind. If you think you have enough control of yourself, would you dare to inbox me?
by ClassyGoddess Brazil 8 months ago
I can make you happy by you making me happy. My birthday is friday :) check out my profile
by 8 months ago
Do you have the ability to make me happy by letting me control you and spoiling me? I will be addressed as miss Lena and you will help fund my surgery I have a d now but want a dd and in the meantime slave you must do whatever I want financially to please me .
by Breezylee76 Canada 1 year ago
Crave attention and affection because you're not good enough to actually get it? Come let me be the center of your life. It'll be like having the perfect trophy wife, except I live in a different place, I eat food without you, and I won't come within even 100 miles of that pathetic excuse for manhood.
by TheMinxyKitten United States 1 year ago
Impress me and tell me a good reason why I should show you my private pictures. Tribute is of course encouraged, but convince me.
by EmpressMiriam United States 1 year ago
I'm a sexy Findom from Germany ;) spoil me piggies!
by BbwFindom Germany 2 years ago

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