Ebony Femdoms/Findoms

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This is the place where you worthless white boys may gather to worship your Ebony Superiors !. Write anything you want in this group & forum for Ebony Femdoms/Findoms
posting is completely for free & its about This is the place where you worthless white boys may gather to worship your Ebony Superiors !
Ebony Femdoms/Findoms
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Welcome Queens!
by PimpstressMistressThick United States 1 year ago
Can I be your little brat? I wanna be your little princess; spoil me and let me have my way you. Serious Inquiries Only
by NakedJay United States 8 months ago
Do find me on Kik or Skype so we can have a nice rinse session...😘💲
by Tamee336 United States 8 months ago
I deserve all your money and you should give it to me. Currently accepting new loyal and obedient paypigs. Add me on kik aandi95. Send me an amazon gift card Majesticvee@gmail.com
by Andi95 Turkey 8 months ago
I offer some of you, the rare opportunity to enter my world of deviant pleasures and blissful exquisite suffering. Step into my rabbit hole, and fall inescapably to your fate! AT MY FEET!

Currently practicing BDSM fuckery in the confines of my personal play space located in Valley Stream, NY, where I can safely explore your boundaries and push your limits. Currently creating a 2nd play space in MD and 3rd in MA.
by PimpstressMistressThick United States 2 years ago
So I was asked if I hate white men. Hate is not the word I would use at all. I exist to torture and place all white men in AGONY! PERIOD This is not a choice, it's an obligation! The universe has deemed it so! I AM YOUR BLACK FATE!
by PimpstressMistressThick United States 2 years ago
So whitebois, you are seeking an Beautiful,Superior, Strong, Ebony Goddess. Well, The wait is over and your search has ended! For I am here and you have found me! Now that you have found me, assume your proper position which is naked on your knees in front of me! You should plant yourself there, waiting on instructions to serve me, anticipating how you can be of use to me! Now you may speak!!!

by PimpstressMistressThick United States 2 years ago

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