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What is Findom

How to become a Financial Dominatrix

Findom stands for Financial Domination. Its usually Men that like to give women money. Its a psychological fetish. They like to feel that the woman is above them. They like to be controlled by the woman and letting her decide what happens next. Women who are in Findom do not exchange anything with their slaves other than that the money slave gives the money to the woman. The less they exchange the more powerful it even is.

In the last years Findom has grown exponentially as women (through social media) have noticed that there are more men willing to pay women and women have become better at playing this psychological game. So even men who before wouldnt have considered giving women money just for the sake of giving money have started to become so called paypigs or atm slaves.

One of the best ways to start in findom is by registered on hepays and finding men who are interested in this. What you should do is start teasing men as much as you can to submit themselves to you.


Example: Findom Paypig

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