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Great Online Dating Tips & Tricks for Guys & Girls

1. Meet in a public place

Meet in a public place where you can retreat anytime from the date
If you don't want to meet in a public place then at least have a telephone conversation a couple of times before you meet in private
Most women will give the details of the first meeting to one of her friends in case something happens.

2. If you are not happy with yourself no date can fix that

Do some spiritual, yoga and see a therapist if you have problems in your life. A relationship is something that will end not so nicely if you bring these problems into the relationship. Realize its not other people that make you happy its you yourself who has to make you happy

3. Dating while not having a job

That's also really bad. you should take care of your survival needs first before thinking about reproducing yourself ;-)

4. Choose a date where you can talk

Going to the cinema is nice for a date with friends but for a first date something else is better. A walk in the park is good because you don't have to face
each other all the time so it can't get awkward and you can enjoy the nature and talk about things you are interested in. Alternatively, an activity date like sports is also great. That way you can see if the other person can handle various situations

5. (especially for women) Fix your hair and nails

There is nothing worse on a woman than hair or nails which are not clean and nice

6. (mostly for guys) Clean up your apartment

The meeting turns out to be hotter than expected and now you need to take her to your place. Fix that beforehand. Never go out with a dirty apartment

7. (mostly for guys) Clean clothing

clean shirt etc. is a must

8. How to get someone into bed quickly

If you are just interested in an affaire or one night stand and the other person as well you can do the following tricks
Turn up the heat in your apartment. When its hot inside you will get the other person much more likely to feel comfortable.
Clean apartment is a must of course. Talk about only one thing that will impress the other person. Otherwise just listen do not talk much
Offer a nice shoulder massage. Ask if they want some wine or alcohol. If you workout physically this will be also much easier

9. Still not finding your love?

then its time to do more hobbies outside

10. Mind your voice on the phone

lower your voice use a soothing voice if you are a guy. If you are a girl use a high sweet voice. that will get the other person much more interested

11. Be the better part of yourself

In the whole of the animal kingdom animals try to appear more than they are when they are looking for a mate. So its absolutely okay to fake it a bit.
But don't fake it too much otherwise the other person will be dissappointed when it doesn't work out

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