Yall Not Ready For My Real.

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After so many broken hearts you develop a calice around it

 You build an unbreakable wall. You put up so many obstacles for people to pass through. Just because youre too afraid to be THAT open again. You try to treat people differently because obviously it was you. Like..what did i do to offend you? Im just being me. I just bring me to the table. You dont like it go fuck yourself. You dont want it oh someone else will no worries. At least thats what my mouth says. I wanna be loved. I wanna be appreciated. I wanna feel beautiful even when i know im not. Hair in a bun sweat pants and sneakers on...im beautiful right? Why should i let you determine my worth. Why should i look to you for what the beauty standard is. Am i not good enough? Well of course i am at least thats what i tell myself....

To keep it real. Yall not really ready for my real. Poetic justice thats just how i feel. 

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