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Being a findomme in the world of online sex work can be a challenge. Where most girls are advertising their latest set of nudes or the sextape they made while on some exotic vacation, I’m offering to fuck with a client’s mind. Perspective clients can find me, either, refreshingly different or repulsively uninteresting. After all, the label “sex work”, logically leads one to the inevitable assumption that some form of sex must take place. This assumption will leave you disappointed with me time after time. 

See, I don’t see myself as being here for a client’s sexual satisfaction. I’m no sex toy and as the dominant in the exchange, I fail to see why I should even give a care about a submissive’s release - hell, even the Alpha I do share my body with knows his release is his responsibility. I’m just here for the two things that matter most to me - money & control.

Often I will tweet about how CashApp or CirclePay notifications turn me on and they sincerely do. There’s just something about that little ding (sounds more like cha-ching to me) that sets my body on edge - nipples tighten, sensitivity to touch heightens, and my yoni floods. Knowing that my subs are sending me the spoils of their sacrifices at my command is better than any Spanish Fly money could buy. 

Now, if that ding is foreplay, knowing my demands were the catalyst is the stroke. It’s not just any stroke; its THE STROKE! If you’ve ever given or received it, you know just what I’m talking about 😏 Knowing I have men twice my age reverting back to their college diets of cheap ramen and brown paper bag lunches just so I can buy whatever I please hits a spot so sweet that it pushes me over the erotic edge and headfirst into orgasm - all without having to hunt for batteries or worry about mom finding out what’s in my underwear drawer. 

I’m sure some of you are reading this and wondering “Well, what about the subs”? My instinctual answer is, “What about them?!” but then I remember that they experience the same excitement but for the complete opposite of reasons. They edge in their surrender as I soar in my power. They cum when they’re allowed (which isn’t often) but it makes it that more meaningful for them. Who needs me naked on their screen when they have bits of me embedded into their everyday lives? They get to encapsulate my thoughts in theirs and I get to envelop their money in my cocoa colored hands. It’s an exchange that holds much more sentiment than a nude and provides an even stronger freedom. You can’t buy that in a toy.

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posted by: MistressMindFuc
United States · 6 days ago | 78 Views
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