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So I bet you’re wondering. What does a Princess like me do? 

Well...other than walking on water in all areas of life/getting everything I want....I bless my faithful subjects🙏🏼 If you prove your commitment to my happiness, your own blessings will be abundant. 

I once had a very passive Subject/Slave: FooFoo the Fool.  He would come crawling on all fours when called, and drop my rent money at my feet using his mouth. Because he was able to provide worthy tribute, I rewarded my pet with a custom collar, claiming him as my own. I would decorate his forehead with Red Lipstick, writing SLAVE or TRAMP, paint his nails bright red, and then I we would go shopping. He, of course, pays for everything, because he is a very good Slave. 

We would go to Clubs and I would Waltz him around on a leash. Occasionally I would let him off the leash so we could play “fetch”-me-a-drink. (I know! I’m so clever, aren’t I???lol). I would tell him to leave a nice tip, and he obeyed with a timid but prompt and articulate “Yes, Master!”. 

As a reward, My Slave was honored with the task of licking my leather boots clean. 

So what’s your deal??I’m very theatric and love to be the star of the show. Give me ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION!  



Twitter: @DaizeyDoll/ cashapp: $daizeydoll

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posted by: Daisey22
United States · 2 weeks ago | 80 Views
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