Shoe Shopping: An Erotic & Orgasmic Journey

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I get a real kick (pun intended) out of teasing men with my  feet, in and out of high heels. There’s nothing more pleasurable for me than to walk into an old-school shoe store. There are still shoe stores in the world where the salesman kneels in front of you, or sits on that little stool; and you have to put your feet up on his lap and/or thigh as he helps you slide on a sexy heel. More than once has my foot 'accidentally slipped' and brushed against his raging, hard cock,as I slowly slip my freshly pedicured toes in and out of the high heels. In the process, the salesman realizes I’m not wearing panties and it becomes very difficult for him to hide his erection, having gotten a glimpse of my  wet, shaved chocolate pussy. The entire time, I am acting completely oblivious to all the rising sexual tension, which drives him even crazier.

As he assists me, I make it a point to slowly slide my feet deep into the shoes, as I watch his cock grow harder in his trousers. He tries very hard not to get caught looking up my skirt. Still pretending to be oblivious, I pretend to focus my attention on a pair of shoes nearby, all the while my legs are opened just enough for him to get a long gaze under my skirt as I'm looking the other way. Through my peripheral vision, I can see his face tense up, as if to try to maintain his composure.  If he only knew how hot it made me for him to think I didn't know he was looking. But then OOPS! one of my feet brushes against his crotch, as I pretend to ask him an intense shoe question. I really wanted to ask him, "Do you like the way my feet rub against your throbbing cock?"

Sit back and relax, as you imagine me sliding your throbbing hard dick between my pedicured feet. I want you to suck on my toes while you inconspicuously slide your finger up my skirt and into my tight wet pussy. I would tease you until you lost control and released, right there in the shoe store. I get hot at the thought of seeing and feeling your cum dripping between my toes and feet.

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