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Tip of the day: 

Making your bloody headline read "NO TIMEWASTER REAL PIG ONLY" will not do you any good, as unfathomable as that sounds, it's the truth. 

Try placing yourself in a potential sub's shoes. Would you expect a Domme with that headline to be competent in Her craft if she's clearly being given the run around by weasly "timewasters"?

Now try putting yourself in the alleged "time waster"s shoes. When you read this headline, are you going to turn tail because this girl doesnt want her time wasted? Or is that exactly the easy target you love.

Now that we've established how plastering "NO TIMEWASTERS" everywhere is a waste of your fucking time, let's cover "time wasters" and if they really exist.

The short answer is no.

Only you are responsible for your time.

No one else can waste it. If someone takes up a large chunk of your time and you didnt benefit from it the way you wanted, whose fault is that, really?

If you're the one truly in charge, you won't allow your time to be wasted.

Now there ARE people out there who will talk you up, see what sort of show you run, and not be interested. Here's the gag; THAT'S OKAY

As much as SOME of us don't like to admit it, FinDom (no everyone isnt here for findom, this is My example) is INHERANTLY psychosexual so yes it is in fact *gasps* SEX WORK.

I know, I know, dirty word around here.

Now, if you can wrap your mind around financial domination being actual work, you can look at it somewhat like a business.

Say you're a car salesman (or saleswoman) 

Now you could meet 85 people a day and 80 of them could be just browsing and decide ultimately to not do business with you at that time for a number of reasons (didn't find the car they liked, they aren't ready to buy anyway, just browsing, or maybe they are going to come back and buy and just want to sleep on it first)

Now, after this first day of investing energy into 85 people only for 5 to do business with you, you understand not every potential customer is going to be your customer.

Knowing this, do you treat EVERY potential customer as though they aren't buying? Do you plaster a sign to the front wall of your business that reads "DON'T COME IN IF YOU ARENT BUYING"?

Or do you treat every potential customer as just that and try to sell them on your inventory?

Food for thought,

Bon apetít.

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