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I’m crying right now.

Literal tears from brutal laughter, after a modern take on a post apocalyptic-internet world-turned reality (where most idiots think that whoever screams the loudest wins), came up as a topic of discussion with a fellow; including the ever surrounding outline of “what if?”....

I always knew HePays was a special place. If it were a city, or a universal truth, epic madness and destruction would resort. 

Imagine witnessing a 20 year old attractive woman, walking effortlessly down the street, seemingly intelligent enough. She’s kind and sweet, saying hello to every man that passes her by, until they don’t reciprocate. She yells to the masses, because she carries a microphone and amplifier with her everywhere she goes-“Time waster! You should have given Me all your hard earned cash! I’m better than you and everything you live for!  Hello there! Time waster! Hello! Time waster! Hello!”

Meanwhile, some 20 feet away, an SUV has trampled an entire outdoor seating area with couples trying to sit and have coffee. The perpetrator runs from the scene, with a bag full of cash. A man follows briskly behind, screaming “Scammer!!! Scammer! Fake Domme!!! Fuck why didn’t I ask her to verify?!?” 

The couples are annoyed, but used to the bullshit of HePays and mostly leave it alone. Some call both out, some sly away and keep to themselves. They return to their conversations, as they need not dirty their hands much with such futile behavior. 

An insane woman on the side of the road is panhandling wearing an unsightly garment. She is screaming at everyone who will listen that they are an idiot, and even some people that appear to not be in close vicinity. She appears to think she is talking to one select individual, as the pronoun “you” is very dear to her heart. 

Two very seductive Mistress’ walk in to a bar, unsolicited. They notice each other, and give a raise of a glass. Several men attempt to approach them, and are denied further communication. The bartender gives one of them $5,000. He thanks Her and She leaves.

It’s quiet in most homes, except for some naughty kink play some are partaking in. Everyone has to sleep sometime. However, if one listens closely, there’s the faint sound of many a cat fight in various locations, although no one really seems to care. 



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posted by: Krisha_Spanx
Sexologist And Temptress United States · 3 weeks ago | 177 Views
Britt 3 weeks ago
I love you bitch lol
Hahaha ❤️❤️❤️
Krisha · Krisha_Spanx ·  Verified · $24.32 · Reply · Follow · Block · 3 weeks ago · 4124 km · See All
Lolll. I love it! ❤
Ashlie · MissSunshine89 · not verified · $7.03 · Reply · Follow · Block · 3 weeks ago · 2864 km · See All
Ashlie 3 weeks ago
Ugh. I think I commented on the comment lol
Goddess Olivia 3 weeks ago
This cracks me up!
Brad 2 weeks ago
This is my favorite thing on here.
Of course it is! Love you!
Krisha · Krisha_Spanx ·  Verified · $24.32 · Reply · Follow · Block · 2 weeks ago · 4124 km · See All
Krisha 2 weeks ago
I think more people need to read this. *cough* newbs.
ṀȬȐḯặℝⓉȲ 1 week ago
Nice! You rule!
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