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Excitement. Humiliation. Regret. Repeat.  Thus is the cycle that many fetishists experience.  In reference to financial domination, this normal phase of humiliation and regret is often more intense than other fetishes due to the real life components involved.  Rather than physical bruises that ache, the ego is injured. In place of a scar, the bank account is marked.  The potential for damage extends beyond the walls of a dungeon, beyond a paid session. Additionally, those who struggle with acceptance and understanding of their fetish may internally chastise themselves for indulging in financial domination.  

Why did I do this again?”


“I have nothing to show for what I have spent!” 


“This is the last time!”


Often the circumstance as well, a findom slave will be so enraptured by the thrill that he feverishly gallops down the bridleway without prudence or self-restraint.  As the findom cycle comes to the end of its rotation, the psychological climax attained creates a high.  As with natural physical law, balance seeks itself.  For every high, there is a low.  The high becomes as addictive as any substance, rooting itself in the submissive’s, vociferously demanding satiation.  Without proper management, the addict’s life can disintegrate. 


However, the emotions of humiliation and regret are not exclusively negative side effects of financial domination, rather, they are often a signal of its climax.  A findom orgasm, one could say.  The mystery and elegance of the findom Mistress sparks attraction.  Her natural dominance weaves an intrigue in which your attention is captivated, potentially forever lost in her labyrinth.  The excitement of serving the Mistress intensifies in a tightening spiral in search of the top of a search of the edge. This edge is a dangerous place, since ruin is not a mere fantasy but a literal possibility. However, when financial domination is fully expressed, the findom Domina exercises self-control the findom slave is incapable of employing.  She leads him to the edge, let’s him see the unfathomable chasm, and reels his return to safety.  Her guidance is both his ruination and salvation.  


To be this guide and guardian is a tremendous responsibility for a Domina who practices financial domination. In the wake of the financial domination regret, a findom slave may plead that his Mistress return the funds or gifts, or that she cease responding to any further attempts to serve.  It requires insight to perceive whether this is within the normal cycle of the rinse or if the findom slave truly must be dismissed.  It is a matter of ethical fetish practice, of which the primary principle is to “do no harm.”  My personal policy, especially relevant concerning large amounts or when financial domination novices are involved, has been to offer a refund within 24 hours…with one stipulation: The slave can never experience contact with me again. He is dismissed for life.  I have seen many revel and suffer through the rinse cycle, roll in the mire of misery, and have yet to have someone elect this option. Indeed, the pain is part of the pleasure. 


Hence, the suffering is not to be feared, nor hurried through.  The unpleasantness is an element of the cycle as a whole. To truly appreciate the findom experience, the submissive must be forced to feel and effectively manage the powerful emotions ignited, with his Mistress leading the way.  


Excitement. Humiliation. Regret. Repeat. 


*Not all financial slaves endure the pangs of humiliation and regret as part of their findom experience. For an article discussing this perspective, see "The Allure of The Goddess"


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You have hit the nail on the head with that blog post. That is probably the first time I have seen someone write down the findom cycle for a typical sub and it sums it up rather well.
Miss Cordellia · PinayLadyboyNY ·  Verified · $24.96 · Reply · Follow · Block · 1 week ago · 4527 km · See All
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