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New York United States · 1 year ago
Do you get off on being told what to do? Submitting all control and letting go? Or maybe you have never tried it... Submit to me and let me show you what's its like to worship a goddess.
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I am a true Goddess of Pleasure, I welcome men and women who are loyal and devoted to Goddess worship. Photos of self pleasure and ejaculation are encouraged. in New York United States
Little Piggies
Oh little piggies this princess needs some spoiling in Philadelphia United States
i want to put you to task and drain your wallet!
let this sadistic little pixie make you her little task bitch. get on your knees and beg for this position piggy. open to all sissies, sucks, pay pigs, and subservient losers. in Philadelphia or online United States
Does anyone know how to treat a lady on their bday? I'm looking to shop til I drop :) I have several other subs looking to help combine their tributes in New york United States
I'm looking to move states so I can go to veterinary school. Is there any respectable older men who can help me fulfill my dreams?! in New York United States
Young college girl
In need of a new computer for my school work:) Can anyone help me with my education? in Bedford United States
Looking to be spoiled. I am also a findomme so any pigs can contact me as well in New York United States
Findomme goddess.
In search of a loyal paypig(s). Only serious inquires in Online United States
Join g Great ILLUMINATI temple join us let's make this world a better place to live in become extremely rich today contact us via whatsapp on +13186430728 remember each new members are given 1million dollars to start up a business of their choice contact us today or email us in New York United States
Join the Great ILLUMINATI temple join us let's make this world a better place to live in become extremely rich today contact us via whatsapp on +13186430728 remember each new members are given 1million dollars to start up a business of their choice contac
Join the Great ILLUMINATI temple join us let's make this world a better place to live in become extremely rich today contact us via whatsapp on +13186430728 remember each new members are given 1million dollars to start up a business of their choice contact us today or email us in New York United States
Fetish Groups on Kik
Find me here on kik! Search for: #dommesessionsss #feetsubsandpigs #subtaskss #joiqueensnokings #humiliationqueens #gfexperience *Verification Requires Upon Entrance* in New York United States
Dominatrix looking for a steady boytoy. Partner is a Cuckold. Must be between the ages 25-35. Must be local. Must be able to host. Must want to go on dates with me and spoil me and know each other on a personal level. Please only respond if all criteria pertains to you. Will only pick one. in Brewster United States
Let me give your worthless piece of shit life some real purpose. I can give you an allowance, let you take me shopping maybe let you get me a few things, but only if you impress me some how. Worthy piggies only. All of your are filthy fucking animals. Lucky for you Goddess Sapphire is looking for a pet... in Brooklyn United States
Let's play out your fantasy
Message me if you want a chat session, I'll play out your kinks and we'll have lots of fun. Prices can be discussed privately. in New York United States
Westchester/Putnam baby
I was recently approached by a daddy. However distance was a factor for us. Even though I am a domme I was very much intrigued by him. Especially since my partner is a Cuckold and he loved the idea as well. Having said that the daddy had offered to pay all my bills and let me use his apartment in the city as well. What he was looking for was 3 dates a week and to accompany him to business events. I am crazy fun and won't disappoint you . Contact to discuss your needs. Turn this domme into your baby in Mohegan Lake United States
Amortization Schedule $3,336.29 at 20.033% interest with 50 weekly payments Total Payments: $3,674.32 Total Interest: $338.03 # Payment Amount Principal Amount Interest Amount Balance Owed 1 73.49 60.64 12.85 3,275.65 2 73.49 60.87 12.62 3,214.78 3 73.49 61.11 12.38 3,153.67 4 73.49 61.34 12.15 3,092.33 5 73.49 61.58 11.91 3,030.75 6 73.49 61.81 11.68 2,968.94 7 73.49 62.05 11.44 2,906.89 8 73.49 62.29 11.20 2,844.60 9 73.49 62.53 10.96 2,782.07 10 73.49 62.77 10.72 2,719.30 11 73.49 63.01 10.48 2,656.29 12 73.49 63.26 10.23 2,593.03 13 73.49 63.50 9.99 2,529.53 14 73.49 63.74 9.75 2,465.79 15 73.49 63.99 9.50 2,401.80 16 73.49 64.24 9.25 2,337.56 17 73.49 64.48 9.01 2,273.08 18 73.49 64.73 8.76 2,208.35 19 73.49 64.98 8.51 2,143.37 20 73.49 65.23 8.26 2,078.14 21 73.49 65.48 8.01 2,012.66 22 73.49 65.74 7.75 1,946.92 23 73.49 65.99 7.50 1,880.93 24 73.49 66.24 7.25 1,814.69 25 73.49 66.50 6.99 1,748.19 26 73.49 66.76 6.73 1,681.43 27 73.49 67.01 6.48 1,614.42 28 73.49 67.27 6.22 1,547.15 29 73.49 67.53 5.96 1,479.62 30 73.49 67.79 5.70 1,411.83 31 73.49 68.05 5.44 1,343.78 32 73.49 68.31 5.18 1,275.47 33 73.49 68.58 4.91 1,206.89 34 73.49 68.84 4.65 1,138.05 35 73.49 69.11 4.38 1,068.94 36 73.49 69.37 4.12 999.57 37 73.49 69.64 3.85 929.93 38 73.49 69.91 3.58 860.02 39 73.49 70.18 3.31 789.84 40 73.49 70.45 3.04 719.39 41 73.49 70.72 2.77 648.67 42 73.49 70.99 2.50 577.68 43 73.49 71.26 2.23 506.42 44 73.49 71.54 1.95 434.88 45 73.49 71.81 1.68 363.07 46 73.49 72.09 1.40 290.98 47 73.49 72.37 1.12 218.61 48 73.49 72.65 0.84 145.96 49 73.49 72.93 0.56 73.03 50 73.31 73.03 0.28 0.00 © 2006 - 2018 Σ Calculator Soup in Mohegan Lake United States
Blue Suede Boots
$ me for video of me wearing them so you can view them.xo in Mohegan Lake United States
Come serve your Superior Goddess
It's your beloved Superior goddess Robbn I'm offering cam time & real-time fetish servitude cam time via Kik or Skype FIN-Domination wallet rinse online shopping JOI SPH life coaching humiliation degradation foot worship in New York United States
Lets go shopping on Amazon, why spend my money when I have yours? Send TeamViewer username and password in Mohegan Lake United States
Lets go shopping on Amazon, why spend my money when I have yours? Send TeamViewer username and password in Mohegan Lake United States
Today's sweaty workout socks
Mailed to u $30 in Mohegan Lake United States
Goddess Carmen
I'm offering real time sessions I'm in the Newark-New Jersey area 13th thru thue 19th so inbox me subs/ slaves in Newark/New Jersey United States
Student looking for funds
I need a cash pig .... I like to be spoiled in New York United States
Real time sessions
I'm in the Newark-New Jersey area from the 13th thru 19th if your interested inbox me in Newark/New Jersey United States
new daddy for shopping and pleasure
ebony student seeking older man for trips, shopping, and dining. not interested in living with you. not interested in anything other than being spoiled. in Philadelphia United States
Apply for your cuckold session in Manhattan, New York
by cuckoldressManhattan Wed Oct 18 21:37:14 UTC 2017 You are looking for a bossy woman? You like to worship her and you are her cuckold? You are sub and wealthy, with an extra room in a nice house or a big apartment in Manhattan? I can be your cuckoldress for the weekend, for 1 week or 2 weeks! Experience the naughty lifestyle of cuckolding in Manhattan, New York. I am intelligent, witty, charming, captivating and caring but with a high capacity for occasional cruelty and verbal belittlement. I love to order you around, and you have to serve me! Perfect if you are looking for a live in situation in a cuckold slave scenario. It is all about what I want! I am also interested of chastity as i know that keeping a guy locked up would reduce the risk of you complaining and would therefore make you better and more useful. Im a big fan of humiliation as it mentally keeps you in place with the chastity - physically keeping you in place. I love to bring my bull and lover to your place and cuckold you. 1: You are not allowed to enter my bed room! You have to listening how i breath heavy and get pleased from my bull. If you are a good boy, than you can clean me. No creampie - i always play safe. 2: I leave the door open, so you can have a peek what i do with my friend and bull. If you are a good boy than you can enter the room 3: You enter the room, and perhaps tie you to the chair , or i blindfold you or you can sit next to the bed and watch me and my bull. Perhaps i order you to kiss my breast or perhaps you are able to kiss my p--y. 4: You are in the room with me and you prep me for my bull with a nice massage, shaving, pleasing, playing with toys or? Than my bull comes over and you can be part of the play but never please me. 5. Perhaps i force you to lick me when my bull takes me from behind? Ready to be my long term cuckold for a long weekend, for 1 or 2 weeks? Than apply to be my cuckold. I also offer cuckold session between London, Dublin, Manchester & Oxford Make your fantasy to reality. I can be your cuckoldress, and you are my cuckold! THIS IS ONLY FOR WEALTHY CUCKOLD AND SLAVES! Your Goddess and Dominatrix cuckoldress. Escort, Dominarix, mature , cougar and your sexy mifl for a threesome, and couple entertainment, fmf, mfm, mmf. I offer my service in Dublin, London, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Milano. And overnight Escort in St.Moritz in New York, Manhattan United States
pig or daddy
Are you my new pay pig and ready for me to drain your wallet? Are you my next sugar daddy that wants a young, beautiful woman's attention? in Philadelphia United States
To hell with the holiday, lets have skype sessions.
All day and night starting right meow, I am offing live skype shows to cater to all your puppy dog fetishes. Come and experience a truly Dominant Goddess blow you small pathetic brain. specializing specifically but not limited to: extreme humiliation, JOI, ruined orgasm, orgasm control, degrading, foot worship, ignoring fetish, giantesses, role-playing anything.. much more, I have few limits and I am always the Domme, sorry dogs- I don't switch. Pay to play, generosity is expected, after all it is Christmas. in New York City/ LA United States
FinSub Kik Groups 😘
Find me On Kik Here: #paypiiigfiiinsub #herepiggy #pay.pigs.domme #DommeSessions in New York United States
skype time losers
don't waste my time, I am bored and want to humiliate some of you dogs. you send the green ill ruin your self esteem. now bark. in New York City/ LA United States
applications available losers. will verify via skype. in New York City/ LA United States
wifeys worst nightmare
I love pushing you further and further into the point of no return. The point of divorce. Become completely Mine. Be completely unassociated with your marriage and old life. You know you want me to do some damage, stop being pathetic and let me create ruins while you are on your knees. in New York City/ LA United States
Domme Sessions - Kik
Come join #DommeSessionsss on kik to get your fetish on!!! 😘😘😘 in New York United States
I missed all of you pups, I was away in the hospital for a new days and am finally home. getting well, so fill my inbox up with all your fetishes I want to see if someone can shock me. ill tell you my favorite. oh and tributes to my circle pay will earn you some purpose and respect, <- circle pay.. surprise me. in New York City/ LA United States
videos upon request
humiliation, JOI, Foot fetish, nylon and heels, bodyworship, just about anything. videos made to order and right now. i am off all day, PM me. in New York City/ LA United States
Something real.
Accepting men who want something real and ongoing. a real female lead relationship. don't bother if you are going to waste my time. in New York City/ LA United States
A Real D/s Experience.
If you're interested in something with substance, letting control go and giving your life purpose- take a look at my bio and PM me if you are interested. in New York City/ LA United States
Long Island Dominatrix seeks subs
for In person RT sessions if Interested message Me or go to my and email me there or message me here in Levittown United States
I am accepting applications for a slave/pet. PM me only if you read my bio and you are serious. in New York City United States
Date for shopping, drinks, and dinner. It's the holiday season, so give it all to me. I'm spending your money on items that I may model for you. Daddy come spoil me and dance in the clothes you bought. in Philadelphia United States

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