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· 48 years ago
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So sick of big talk
Just for freakin once can’t someone not be full of bullshit? It isn’t hard to please me. 1)don’t be a dumbass 2)spoil me 3)don’t be a dumbass See? It’s easy. in United States
Its payday
Stop denying your urge to spoil a beauty woman. in United States
Its payday
Stop denying your urge to spoil a beauty woman. in United States
Going to London tomorrow for the weekend can a generous pig buy me some shoes
Buy me some shoes piggies, you shouldn't have to expect a thing from me. You should worship the ground I walk on. I deserve to look good and feel good.. it's okay if you're out of pocket just so you can see me strutting looking sexy.. not for you though.. someone else who's far superior than your pathetic self. in United Kingdom
Send Me Your Videos
I want to watch you-and if I am pleased I might let you watch me. in United Kingdom
Chat with a goddess for valentines day
Send a tribute and chat with me today. Available all Valentine’s Day in United States
Waiting on my throne for a good finsub
it's "day of stressing to buy your whatever a present that appropriately affects your relationship so they aren't withholding sex and maybe let you get in the butt" day...‍‌‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌💕💕 or let's say you've been brainwashed to think you must have someone to smash every February 14th and you don't. want an easy, stress free way to KNOW you got it right (and have fun shopping for sexy things for a bad bitch)? go to my profile, click on my wishlist, and know that i will love what you buy me because i picked it out, lamb. see how easy that was?! no stress. just blindly clicking on "BUY" and feeling the sweet bliss of doing something "right" today for a fucking lady. ‍‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‌‌‌😈💋😘‌‍‌ in United Kingdom
Looking for a paypiggy who will treat me like the queen I am.
If you help me save for my breast surgery, you'll be more than happy with the results 😍😘 in United Kingdom
Looking for money slaves ready to serve
Looking for finsubs who are serious about serving their Godess. I want a forever pet to properly worship me. Message me so we can work out the details. in United States
Perhaps you seek something...different.
As you can tell from my username and profile photo, I’m a voluptuous findomme with curves to spare. A body with which to ensnare your attention and a mind to hold you captivated. I have three years experience as a financial dominatrix, and I am happy to verify that I am real. I am looking for ONE reliable, devoted, trustworthy finsub, to be mine and only mine. Your main purpose in life will be to make mine as easy as possible. You will make sure I am pampered, happy, and stress free. You will pay regular tithes to show your devotion. I am a true findomme and have no interest in pay for play, community subs, or one time sessions. I am all that you need. If you understand the true art of findom: that a tribute is an offering, not a payment, and that you should expect nothing in return, please prove your worth with an initial tribute. My tribute methods are available on my main photo and my profile. The more generous your initial tribute, the more seriously I’ll take you. in United States
Valentines day
Who's gonna show me love by spoiling me on valentines day???? in United States
My desires
Looking for the man who really knows how to spoil. I see too many fakes on here. in United States
Fetish Groups on Kik
Find me here on kik! Search for: #dommesessionsss #feetsubsandpigs #subtaskss #joiqueensnokings #humiliationqueens #gfexperience *Verification Requires Upon Entrance* in United States
Be me Ilk be bad to you
Sexy, freaky bbw findom Looking for a submissive paypigs, who will address me as Queen and shower me with gifts, and tributes....and In return I'll do and say what I want to'll like though!!! in United States
Dominatrix looking for a steady boytoy. Partner is a Cuckold. Must be between the ages 25-35. Must be local. Must be able to host. Must want to go on dates with me and spoil me and know each other on a personal level. Please only respond if all criteria pertains to you. Will only pick one. in United States
Young ebony seeking Sponsor for cosmetic surgery
Dr Miam.i will be the surgeon. Miami will be the location of surgery. Travel expenses Cosmetic expenses After Care expenses Hotel room expenses Nurse expenses Food expenses. in United States
Seekimg a human ATM
I need a submissive piggy to give me all the money I deserve and I need it now. Contact me if you want to get bossed around and have your money snatched out of your hands. in United States
Msg me about becoming a premium sc member in United States
I need a paypig to pay My bills
I need a rich paypig who can pay 2 bills for Me. One of € 500,00 for a moving company and the other is € 606,00 for My car insurrance. You can pay me via PayPal: or take a look at My site: for other payment options. See My profile for all links. in Netherlands
Accepting Paypigs
I need a new Piggy to drain in United States
Who wants to play games with Goddess Arrabella today?
$25 for tasks. Photo on completion. 20 Questions. Guess wrong and you pay $10. Wishlist Roulette. I number 5 items off my Amazon Wishlist and you pick a number. Never Have I Ever. I ask you humiliating questions and you pay me $20 for every pathetic thing you’ve done. Got a game?? I like new ones. Inbox for Kik details, cash daddies. in Australia
Looking for a findom mentor in United States
College Queen
Need a sugar daddy or slave to help me buy textbooks in United States
A true submissive
Looking for a genuine little sub slut. Apply within. in United Kingdom
Pay my bill pig
Need a cash pig give me money for my bill today, who’s going to do that? If you’re lucky I’ll reveal my face to you and maybe some pussy for you to jerk to. Vids for anyone that wants to pay the bill off.$cwtk Email in United States
Brazilian goddess
Let this Brazilian goddess ruin your life, you won’t regret it in United States
Queen for loyal pig
Verification picture posted. Need loyal piggys to drain. in United States
I'm verified! Let's have fun...
Let's celebrate my official verification with some fun submission x draining games. Paypiggies, cucks, sissies, and slaves - You know I'm an actual domme now, so let a real goddess play with you. :) in United States
Let me give your worthless piece of shit life some real purpose. I can give you an allowance, let you take me shopping maybe let you get me a few things, but only if you impress me some how. Worthy piggies only. All of your are filthy fucking animals. Lucky for you Goddess Sapphire is looking for a pet... in United States
Taking requests for FOUR HOURS ONLY
NEED money ASAP - Taking pic and video requests for the next FOUR HOURS ONLY! Help this mami pay bills and fatten up my booty. I have to pay rent TONIGHT ($1,000) and get some food for ma babies! Do NOT send me your number to text or call - inquire through messages and/or e-mail ONLY - Pics starting at $10 each Videos start at $50 each (10 seconds) • Payment arrangements can be discussed • Only neck down! send your requests! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!!!! This could be a long term service if you’re serious about paying for what you want. I will always provide... I love to get freaky, but please know I’m a mother and have to keep things discreet for my kids. After all, the secretive aspect makes it that much more exciting. in United States
Let's play out your fantasy
Message me if you want a chat session, I'll play out your kinks and we'll have lots of fun. Prices can be discussed privately. in United States
International pay pigs to serve uk based findom
Brave enough to obey the demands of a uk based experienced findom? This mistress is seeking loyal paypigs from all over the globe, it’s payday weekend so no excuses dig deep piggies and please this mistress! Your purpose is to serve me and meet my demands! Up for the job? Inbox or kik messenger money mistressmoneyxo. Tributes are PayPal only! in United Kingdom
Money for Teasing
Goddess needs to go shopping to tease all you little piggies! Whose going to tribute my shopping spree and let me model for you while you wish you could touch my sexy body?! in United States
Message me on KIK now piggy RachelS750 and tribute 50 to me i will drain you pig. in United Kingdom
Want my attention, try to get it
Mmmmm sitting here shopping online, piggy’s pay up get on your knees, BOW BEFOR ME. Now be a good pig 🐽 in United States
Bow down to your Ebony Queen! 👸🏾
Come spoil and pamper your queen with her every need. Make your queen feel powerful while your my loyal servant 😈 in United States
Daddy please 😞
I can’t afford my book for my college classes. I really really need em’. Daddy pay for my books! in United States
offering to allow a paypig to worship us
a possibility to serve to demanding queens in Sweden
Goddess Bunny
An amazing, cute and sassy Goddess looking to dominate and/or humiliate. I promise I won’t disappoint 😘 I’m a hell of a time ❤️ in United States
Hot Bunnie Seeking
Hello! I’m a sweet, sassy and cute Dommé. I am different in many ways and would love to show you how 😉 Lets chat more! in United States
Westchester/Putnam baby
I was recently approached by a daddy. However distance was a factor for us. Even though I am a domme I was very much intrigued by him. Especially since my partner is a Cuckold and he loved the idea as well. Having said that the daddy had offered to pay all my bills and let me use his apartment in the city as well. What he was looking for was 3 dates a week and to accompany him to business events. I am crazy fun and won't disappoint you . Contact to discuss your needs. Turn this domme into your baby in United States
18 College Babe
Looking to be spoiled and in return have some fun! in United States
Goddess in Chicago area seeking submissive paypig ! You want me to rinse you 😘 in United States
Looking for my next little slave slut.
I'm looking for my next slave to control, humiliate and exploit. Please don't bother contacting me if you're a flake or if you don't earn a decent wage, you won't get you anywhere. However if you're real, I'm looking for a loyal long term slave, I'm NOT just one of these fake bitches looking for a quick £20. in
Look no further
I know you want something real. Not just a gold digger looking to play with your mind. Let me own you and you will only know satisfaction. I am your one true goddess. I am here to dominate you in United States
Amortization Schedule $3,336.29 at 20.033% interest with 50 weekly payments Total Payments: $3,674.32 Total Interest: $338.03 # Payment Amount Principal Amount Interest Amount Balance Owed 1 73.49 60.64 12.85 3,275.65 2 73.49 60.87 12.62 3,214.78 3 73.49 61.11 12.38 3,153.67 4 73.49 61.34 12.15 3,092.33 5 73.49 61.58 11.91 3,030.75 6 73.49 61.81 11.68 2,968.94 7 73.49 62.05 11.44 2,906.89 8 73.49 62.29 11.20 2,844.60 9 73.49 62.53 10.96 2,782.07 10 73.49 62.77 10.72 2,719.30 11 73.49 63.01 10.48 2,656.29 12 73.49 63.26 10.23 2,593.03 13 73.49 63.50 9.99 2,529.53 14 73.49 63.74 9.75 2,465.79 15 73.49 63.99 9.50 2,401.80 16 73.49 64.24 9.25 2,337.56 17 73.49 64.48 9.01 2,273.08 18 73.49 64.73 8.76 2,208.35 19 73.49 64.98 8.51 2,143.37 20 73.49 65.23 8.26 2,078.14 21 73.49 65.48 8.01 2,012.66 22 73.49 65.74 7.75 1,946.92 23 73.49 65.99 7.50 1,880.93 24 73.49 66.24 7.25 1,814.69 25 73.49 66.50 6.99 1,748.19 26 73.49 66.76 6.73 1,681.43 27 73.49 67.01 6.48 1,614.42 28 73.49 67.27 6.22 1,547.15 29 73.49 67.53 5.96 1,479.62 30 73.49 67.79 5.70 1,411.83 31 73.49 68.05 5.44 1,343.78 32 73.49 68.31 5.18 1,275.47 33 73.49 68.58 4.91 1,206.89 34 73.49 68.84 4.65 1,138.05 35 73.49 69.11 4.38 1,068.94 36 73.49 69.37 4.12 999.57 37 73.49 69.64 3.85 929.93 38 73.49 69.91 3.58 860.02 39 73.49 70.18 3.31 789.84 40 73.49 70.45 3.04 719.39 41 73.49 70.72 2.77 648.67 42 73.49 70.99 2.50 577.68 43 73.49 71.26 2.23 506.42 44 73.49 71.54 1.95 434.88 45 73.49 71.81 1.68 363.07 46 73.49 72.09 1.40 290.98 47 73.49 72.37 1.12 218.61 48 73.49 72.65 0.84 145.96 49 73.49 72.93 0.56 73.03 50 73.31 73.03 0.28 0.00 © 2006 - 2018 Σ Calculator Soup in United States
Blue Suede Boots
$ me for video of me wearing them so you can view them.xo in United States
Somebody to spoil me
The happier I am the more pleasure for you. in United States
Hi piggy, You love French dominatrix ? You adore our accent ? And you love the most being stripped ? So, come to see Mama and pay your tribute for having a great domination time with me. I accept PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Cash etc in
Red Bra and Panty Set Please
Theres is a red bra and panty set I've been wanting for a few weeks... It's only $56 for the set... Please don't make me wait any longer to get it:). I will send pictures of me wearing them(will purchase within 24 hours of tribute and provide photos) in United States
25 Sexy/Nudes photos for $10
25 sexy and nudes photos for $10... (Upgrade to $25 and get 25 pictures, 1 pair of panties worn for 24 hours and a short video clip of me stuffing your panties) in United States
PayPal wallet
Hi little piggys . Who wants me to take advantage of your generosity ? I am so bored I need some excitement and thrill and nothing would please me more than to have control over your PayPal . Who's willing to feed my needs ? in United Kingdom
Come serve your Superior Goddess
It's your beloved Superior goddess Robbn I'm offering cam time & real-time fetish servitude cam time via Kik or Skype FIN-Domination wallet rinse online shopping JOI SPH life coaching humiliation degradation foot worship in United States
Attentive Baby looking for her Daddy
Looking for an affectionate Daddy to spoil and pamper me. If he takes care of me then I will take care of him. in United States
Kik play
Experienced findom kik play sessions Add buymytitties . Only experienced and legit pay pigs and pay pets to play. Tributes via PayPal only at in CA-USA in United States
help me buy big titties!
Would love for you to buy me some big titties! in United States
Pamper required
It’s been one hell of a week and mistress needs some pamper time. Hair, nails and some new shoes. Which of you sexy submissives will provide this mistress with what she so badly desires. PayPal tributes only at in United Kingdom
Seen a fur coat I it!
I've seen a fur coat I really like and I want to spend your hard earned petty cash, a princess like myself shouldn't waste her own money. Cough up the cash you pieces of shit! in United Kingdom
Real kik findom Goddess
I want to recommend everyone to a real Goddess, a true redhair sadist woman who is willing to take your money and make you crawl for her, you can find her on kik as hotlickiered in Argentina
One pathetic piggy will get to add my snap chat
One of you loser piggys will get to add my private snap chat for the right price. I post pictures daily and take requests. Send me your money you pathetic losers. in United States
Who will fund my sexy lingerie? You adore to buy lingerie for sexi wome. Let's shop together on Amazpm in Italy
Greedy me! Give me my PayPal money! Help me complete an outfit.
Thanks to one loser paypig I have bought some Christian louboutins.. now to complete the outfit I want a fur coat.. any other generous low lives want to treat me with money I now own?! Make a mistress happy. (Coat priced at £460GBP) A princess like myself shouldn't wait.. hurry up and spoil me! in United Kingdom
Lets go shopping on Amazon, why spend my money when I have yours? Send TeamViewer username and password in United States
Lets go shopping on Amazon, why spend my money when I have yours? Send TeamViewer username and password in United States
For the shoe lovers and the money spenders.
Looking for a very generous gent to buy me a pair of heels ( Christian louboutins ) you shouldn't expect anything from me..just be happy about a girl looking good in heels that you bought her! ;) in United Kingdom
Looking for a job/daddy
Need some money to get myself situated as far as school in United States
in need of paying off bills and paypig!
Looking to sell private photos taken just for you at your request ! Need to pay off some bills! Kik me tinybaby.1 I accept paypal! Spoil me 👑💞 in Canada
Pay my bills
Now's your chance findom paypigs! Contact me to adopt a bill. in United States
I need tuition help before getting evicted please if anyone can help willing to do anything! in United States
Kik play time
Experienced uk based findom kik play sessions add mistressmoneyxo. Only experienced and legit pay pigs and pay pets to play. Tributes via PayPal only at in United Kingdom
Sweet, relaxing massage
If you are in OR near Reno Nevada and interested in receiving a full-body massage please contact me for details. in United States
Sweaty underwear
Posted to you $30 in United Kingdom
Today's sweaty workout socks
Mailed to u $30 in United States
Need to pay for my books & tuition!!!
i’m in need of a paypig to give me money for books and my tuition for this semester let me know if interested xxx in United States
Goddess Carmen
I'm offering real time sessions I'm in the Newark-New Jersey area 13th thru thue 19th so inbox me subs/ slaves in United States
Dominant Queen seeks animal loving sub to assist in rescuing animals
I am certainly not a sugar baby at the age of 58!! I am a strong compassionate dominant woman who is on a mission! I have posted a picture of My young friend with whom I am trying to save the bull shown as well as his brother-if we could buy the whole herd we would! Animals are suffering far too much in this crazy world and I want to buy land and set up a sanctuary so that at least a few creatures can have a decent life on this earth. in United Kingdom
Student looking for funds
I need a cash pig .... I like to be spoiled in United States
Real time sessions
I'm in the Newark-New Jersey area from the 13th thru 19th if your interested inbox me in United States
new daddy for shopping and pleasure
ebony student seeking older man for trips, shopping, and dining. not interested in living with you. not interested in anything other than being spoiled. in United States
Impressing me is hard to do, but it is not impossible. 2018 is a year of growth and sacrifice. If you are not ready for either of those then you have already failed. Your first lesson in serving me is that you are here for me. You are here to impress me. You are here to entertain me. You are here to serve me. It is your job to work every single day to prove to me why you deserve to serve me. If you are not ready to work hard then you have already failed. Know that no matter what it is that I ask of you, you should do it because it gives you gratification. Obeying my command gives you purpose. Pleasing me gives you a euphoria you never knew existed. If you really wish to please me then you will follow my instructions and if you are not serious about serving me, then we have nothing more to discuss. The first step to proving yourself is always best with a little plunge. Follow me on twitter: Link on my profile Read and RT my Pinned Tweet Then message me on twitter for further instructions This is the ONLY way to begin your consideration process. Actions speak volumes and anyone can say they are ready to serve, only a select few will actually prove it. in United States
New year new 💰 pet vacancies
Uk based findom seeking worldwide pay pigs and pets. It’s a new year and this mistress is looking to be served. PayPal tributes to in United Kingdom
NW Florida Ballbusting & Cashmeets
I just want to peel off my panties, wrap them around your head, and kick you in the balls while you empty your wallet for Me. You may get to kiss my ass or lick my shoes, depending on whether I'm feeling sweet or extra sadistic. in United States
Looking for paypigs in Bristol for cashmeets on 13th and 14th Jan in United Kingdom
Let me be your cherry on top of the cake
Hi dear! Mother Nature gave us all the necessary ingredients to ensure the right chemistry between us: will you the one who will be able to discover them? in Canada
Apply for your cuckold session in Manhattan, New York
by cuckoldressManhattan Wed Oct 18 21:37:14 UTC 2017 You are looking for a bossy woman? You like to worship her and you are her cuckold? You are sub and wealthy, with an extra room in a nice house or a big apartment in Manhattan? I can be your cuckoldress for the weekend, for 1 week or 2 weeks! Experience the naughty lifestyle of cuckolding in Manhattan, New York. I am intelligent, witty, charming, captivating and caring but with a high capacity for occasional cruelty and verbal belittlement. I love to order you around, and you have to serve me! Perfect if you are looking for a live in situation in a cuckold slave scenario. It is all about what I want! I am also interested of chastity as i know that keeping a guy locked up would reduce the risk of you complaining and would therefore make you better and more useful. Im a big fan of humiliation as it mentally keeps you in place with the chastity - physically keeping you in place. I love to bring my bull and lover to your place and cuckold you. 1: You are not allowed to enter my bed room! You have to listening how i breath heavy and get pleased from my bull. If you are a good boy, than you can clean me. No creampie - i always play safe. 2: I leave the door open, so you can have a peek what i do with my friend and bull. If you are a good boy than you can enter the room 3: You enter the room, and perhaps tie you to the chair , or i blindfold you or you can sit next to the bed and watch me and my bull. Perhaps i order you to kiss my breast or perhaps you are able to kiss my p--y. 4: You are in the room with me and you prep me for my bull with a nice massage, shaving, pleasing, playing with toys or? Than my bull comes over and you can be part of the play but never please me. 5. Perhaps i force you to lick me when my bull takes me from behind? Ready to be my long term cuckold for a long weekend, for 1 or 2 weeks? Than apply to be my cuckold. I also offer cuckold session between London, Dublin, Manchester & Oxford Make your fantasy to reality. I can be your cuckoldress, and you are my cuckold! THIS IS ONLY FOR WEALTHY CUCKOLD AND SLAVES! Your Goddess and Dominatrix cuckoldress. Escort, Dominarix, mature , cougar and your sexy mifl for a threesome, and couple entertainment, fmf, mfm, mmf. I offer my service in Dublin, London, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Milano. And overnight Escort in St.Moritz in United States
Seeking Paypig!!!
Long term only! Real paypigs only !! Send me your kik or Skype! in United Kingdom
pig or daddy
Are you my new pay pig and ready for me to drain your wallet? Are you my next sugar daddy that wants a young, beautiful woman's attention? in United States
Pay Pig Application
I'm searching for a piggy or two to help support my princess needs, so what would make your pathetic pig skins worth my time. I need to know how much you are going to give me a month and how you will help me the rest of the month to get what I want. I want to know what makes you special enough to be accepted by me and why I should give you a chance on Skype, snap or in person in United States
Come Be My Sugar Daddy
Hey I'm Kiwi 21 bi kitten looking for a serious daddy to spoil me I have Skype, snap and if you are nice and trust worthy enough then we can meet eventually. in United States
Buy my Snapchat
You know you can't resist seeing the perfection that is me. Want to see more? Including very *special* things? Buy access. You know you want to. Message me when you break down. in United States
Looking for Cash Drops
Message me for more details. in United States
Wanting A Sub To Pay For My Travel
For subs who like to pay for trips or travel with their dommes. The entire trip would cost about 2k. 👑🚗 KIK lilpeaches94 cashapp $LadyReina paypig femdomme sugarbaby sugardaddy mistress goddess ladyreina cuckold sissy in United States
Sensual Findomme Seeks Loyal Money Slave
Come out wherever you are. I don't bite..unless you're into that kind of thing. My rules: Submit. Spoil. Serve. It's that simple. Come impress me with your tributes and let's have fun. in United States
Make yourself know in the New Year
2017 you were too afraid to approach, too afraid to take the plunge. You spent your days coming to my page reading over and over, looking at my pictures, watching my videos, wanting more, but being too much of a scared little pup to come forward. You saw my username and you had come and read this, and I don't blame you're weak, and you will always be weak. But, in 2018 you can try to redeem yourself by making yourself useful, and you can start by joining Daddy's FanClub. Take the first plunge you will be so happy when you do. in United States
Please me
My fridge took a shit for the new year. Which stopping slave is sending me a new one? Check my amazon wishlist 💲 🍾💲 in United States
FemDom looking for a man or woman who i can tease or shame or fulfil kinks of theirs till their hearts content ;) in United Kingdom
Dominatrix Seeking Loyal Paypig
Hello there. I'm Quinn and I'm looking for a loyal paypig/cash slave. I prefer contract like set ups. my kik is kittywarrior123 and my email is if you think you're worthy of my attention. in United States
Wheres my bitch? Momma needs a loyal pay pig
Dont waste my time. If i ask you to pay me i dong want any questions or lip i just wanna see my balance go up. If you cant do it bye! I can be very generous to my pigs but only if its earned first.. in United States
you in windhoek...bored and have a healthy wallet?
Looking for men to have great sex with for a fee. I am available but you should be able to accommodate. Contact me on 0812627697 in Namibia
Worship my feet
Had some bath time fun today. Video clip and pictures. Are you the loser to see it? Tribute. Speak up. Be my slave. Stop lurking my page until you can fucking pay. Worship me and I’ll be your wettest dreams. in United States

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