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Name:Miss Michelle
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36 years old
5.5.1982 (Taurus)
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* Open Relationship
* Female-led relationship (FLR) / Dominant Woman
* Findom / Financial Domination
* Sugardaddy / Sugarbabe
* others
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Seeking:Mistress Looking For Gentleman (seeking)
Height:174cm / 5 ft 8 ins
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About me:
*Phew! I think it was about time I updated this.*

My BDSM background

I am a world traveling lifestyle Dominatrix with a passion for Financial Domination. I have been dominating men since 2001. For a year before that, I earned my stripes as a submissive. I was taught from the start that aftercare is a big part of the BDSM scene.

I am interested in male and female submissive who want to build an online D/s dynamic that includes Financial Domination. I take this just as seriously as if you were kneeling in front of me and I won't tolerate anything different. It is the dynamic of mutual interest that I am intrigued. If we don't share fetishes it won't work. So take the time to look through my list of fetishes before messaging me.

If you are local and I find you intriguing enough then a shopping spree may be arranged followed by dinner and conversation.

If you wish to play outside this dynamic I will have games and a link posted soon.

Cash meets or Cash drops for the thrill of it:

* €25 deposit required for me to even entertain the idea.
* I don't meet for anything less than €300. If I made it easy everyone would come with €10 which isn't my interest.
* 48 hour notice of the day you wish to meet.
* Someone will be close by or with me for my own safety.
* I will always choose the public location.
* Negotiations will be done after deposit is received. Face slapping, kneeling or a swift kick to the groin etc.

I was raised in the Southern State of Georgia until I was 23. I live in Europe now but I still hold true to my southern roots. Which means common courtesy, politeness and manners are a must. Here is what I expect from you:

* Dominance is part of the dynamic.
* Obedience is expected and a sign of respect.
* Manners are a priority. I am not here to be your free porn that's what google is for so use that!
* Financial Dominance is the main part of my D/s relationship so if you are not interested in that don't waste my time or yours. Thank you.
* I mix other fetishes in as well but we must share these. Take a look at my list below. If we don't share any fetishes then we will not work.
* You will address me as Ma'am or Miss at all times!
* I do not and will not sleep with a submissive. I am not an escort service.
* I am a woman with class and expect to be treated as such.

Let's see a little about my vanilla side.

I am married and have four children. I spend most of my time with my family. 6 weeks out of every year we explore the planet together. Some of the places we have been are Bali, Bangkok, and Rio. Travel is just another passion for me because it expands my view of the world and cultures around me.

I have owned and sold several successful businesses since I was 18. I am still living off the income from the last business and when the time comes I will repeat the process, It is just what I am good at. I enjoy discussing business with smart subs/slaves so, by all means, don't hold your knowledge back. I am not looking for brainless idiots.

I am also an erotic writer which is what most of my blogs here are an example of. I am not here to talk to you about your sex life. If that is the first thing you send me I will delete it and move on to the next. You will show me respect or be pushed aside like the trash you have shown me.

I believe in kindness first. I am one who will take your needs into consideration however that does not mean I am here 24/7 for you to complain to. Make an effort to make me smile and make me want to talk to you. If you are always negative I will eventually have enough no matter how much you are sending me and send you packing. I am also very blunt and will call things as I see it. I am not meek and will not bend for you. If you disrespect me and act like an immature prick I will cut you out of my life. I don't have time for it and I won't tolerate it.

I think for now that's enough.

Important dates:
May 5....my birthday day.
October 12....my anniversary.

Payment I accept is from my https://iwantclips.com/store/146104/Miss-FaeV-Domination, western union, paypal gift or circle pay. The information for the last three you will have to ask me.

I will have to get to know you before I will give my Skype ID. I have too Many random idiots contacting me.
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