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28 years old
19.9.1989 (Virgo)
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Trust Level: High trust. Nice Person (11 Points)
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* Female-led relationship (FLR) / Dominant Woman
* Findom / Financial Domination
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$ 5
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$ 0.00
Distance:10459 km
Seeking:I Am A Princess Looking For An Obedient Paypig Or Sugardaddy To Cater To Me Completely (seeking)
Height:163cm / 5 ft 4 ins
Last Login:5 days ago
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About me:
I am a young cute blonde with the singing voice of an angel, and enough talent for the both of us. Writing is another passion of mine--journaling, poetry, short stories, etc. I also enjoy dancing until I can't anymore--you'd be bedazzled by this sweet little bitch, I can promise you that.

I am looking for someone who is willing to submit to me completely. He has to recognize me for the Princess I am, and address me as such as he caters to my every whim and empties every last cent from his wallet, savings, and checking account, because that's what I want, you poor pathetic little piggy. Your worth is determined by the amount of money you give me. The higher the tribute, the better the treatment you'll receive from your bratty little Princess. Well, maybe. If I feel like it, anyway. Does such a pathetic loser deserve a reward at all? You know what? I really don't think so. So you better continue to work hard and rake in that cash loser, or I'll make you squeal like the fucking stuck pig you are.

I want a pig who knows his position as my submissive financial slave. I expect regular tributes, gifts from amazon on a weekly basis, and payment for my ferret's food and my lot rent due at the beginning of each month. That is my dream, and every Princess deserves to live her life like a fairytale, like Cinderella when her fairy god mother dressed her up for the ball... I deserve nothing short of royalty! Anyone daft enough to question that--the timewasters--can take their pathetically poor selves and slink back into the poverty-stricken slum they crawled out of.

As you can see, I know exactly what I want--what I need. If you're a good little paypig, always on time, never late on payments, and always at my beck and call, then of course you'll be rewarded with a pat on the head, or a compliment meant for a dog. Those will suffice, right loser? You know you've got nothing else to live for. The only thing that gives your life any meaning is me, and you know it. So stop trying to think with that peanut-sized brain of yours and make your first tribute to your one and only Princess! Your royal majesty has waited too long. The wait for the luxurious life I've always deserved has finally arrived in the form of a cute little piggy, waddling his way here.

Do you need me in your life? You know you do. You know the only excitement you feel, the only arousal that's real is what you feel when you empty your checking, savings, and wallet unto your Princess when she is in need. Don't hold back... let yourself release and you release all of your funds to me.
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