Riley from New York United States

On HePays you find anything related to Don't Worry Riley Is Here To Listen And Put All Your Worries To Rest. Talk To Me About Anything You Wish. Just Remember To Keep It Pg-13. For X Rated Calls Call My Other Lines, Call My Niteflirt At 1-800-863-5478 Ext: 11200504 New York United States Findom Paypig & Sugardaddy Dating. Just signup for free and use the site to Don't Worry Riley Is Here To Listen And Put All Your Worries To Rest. Talk To Me About Anything You Wish. Just Remember To Keep It Pg-13. For X Rated Calls Call My Other Lines, Call My Niteflirt At 1-800-863-5478 Ext: 11200504 New York United States Findom Paypig & Sugardaddy Dating from all over the world
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23 years old
8.7.1995 (Cancer)
Membership: Paying Member
Trust Level: High trust. Nice Person (289 Points)
Open to:
* Friendship
* Friends with Benefits (FWB)
* Open Relationship
* Female-led relationship (FLR) / Dominant Woman
* Affaire / Casual
* Findom
* younger woman older man
* others
Interested in:

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$ 0
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$ 18.53
Distance:8667 km
Seeking:The Findom You’ve Been Looking For (seeking)
Height:160cm / 5 ft 2 ins
Last Login:11 minutes ago
Hepays Profile ID:#397345
Profile Views:728
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About me:
*I'm not going to message you first*

I am real you can look me up
Twitter: @princessrileyy
I will verify my account soon. I just made this today 1/28/19

Kik : Princessrileyanne
(Feel free to message on here, just takes a little longer to get a response)

It may be unconventional for the dominant to be so hesitant to message first, however in the world of findom I strongly believe the sub should contact you first to prove that they are serious. For those too nervous to approach me, if you fill out my sub application I will get a notification and as long as you make sure to correctly leave your contact info I will contact you first.

Sub Application:

Hello, my names Riley. I’m 23, currently working on my tattoo apprenticeship. I have a kind heart but have a tendency to be overly aggressive. I have a short fuse, and little tolerance for bullshit. I can be a bit of a brat and end up pushing you to your limit. Take me as I am, there is no changing me. I spend my days at work drawing, however check my phone regularly. Currently single, living with roommates, I travel often and enjoy drinking. So you might run into me in New Orleans.

I will change your life. Give up control to me and I will consume you. Be it as a girlfriend, dominatrix, or friend. I will be the best part of your days hands down. Before you know it we will be sending every second of everyday talking

***I prefer long term relationship, minimum of 6 months***


I know you're desperate to delve into being dominated both physically and financially, but there's something hold you back from becoming mine. Maybe you are afraid of what I might do to you, but I promise there is no reason to be scared. It's not as terrifying as it may sound. I will give you purpose, I will make you matter. Once you have submitted to me you will become consumed with Me. I will be what you think about morning, noon, and night. You will think of ways to please Me and serve Me, because I will be all that matters. Don't try to think for yourself, I will do that for you. Let me talk you gently and seductively through it. It's so simple, and yet so satisfying. Trust me, I know what's best for you...

I am a Princess & you shall worship me from head to toe. I will become your new addiction you will spend every moment & every penny hoping that I am pleased with you.

A true slave does not require any effort on My part or expectations on yours. However being as greedy as I am I do reward My slaves, when they are not misbehaving and being punished. I offer various types of sessions and am open to most fetishes, but i do have my limits. To earn the privilege of having my attention you first must be prepared to tribute.

I am:
5ft 2in
23 years old
Daily smoker
Have 8 Tattoos and 12 piercings

My limits:
No Scat
No children
No suicide discussion

As my slave you are my pet, I do care about you in my own twisted way. If you wish to be owned by me there are a few simple rules you must always follow.
1. Always refer to me as Princess or Mistress
2. Never tell me no
3. Do not lie, trick, or deceive me in anyway.
4. Be honest with me at all times
5. If you cannot afford payment, sessions will be postponed until you can or cancelled if you cannot
6. Be patient, do not blow up my inbox unless it has been over 24 hours since the last time you heard from me.
7. Once you are mine, you are mine. I do not tolerate disloyalty and if I catch you will be dismissed and not allowed to speak or contact me again.
8. There are no second chances

Adopt a bill:
Hair- 300$ every 3 months
Nails- 65$ every month
Rent- 800$ every month
Insurance- 250$ every month
Phone- $85 every month
Internet- $65 every month

My Favorites:
Smoking Fetish
Tease and Denial
Ignoring Sessions
Forced Intoxication
Double Domme Skype sessions
Sleep Control
Budget Making
Cum tax

Other Sessions:
Booty Worship
Foot Worship
Teasing Sessions
Draining Sessions
Cum Control
Chastity / Key holding
Talking down to
Twitter RT Games
Jerk off instructions
Kik Sessions
PC Control Sessions
Cam Sessions
Into something not listed? Ask Me


Fellow Dommes:

I do a lot of double Domme sessions, always down to play with our pets together. Always open to making new friends so feel free to message me.

However I’ve been a Findom for over 3 years now. I am not here for you to use as a how to guild. Do not ask me for free info. You are always welcome to pay for my knowledge, but I am not going to do your job for you.
Riley is from New York United States and 23 years old Female. Her Ad: Don't worry Riley is here to listen and put all your worries to rest. Talk to me about anything you wish. Just remember to keep it pg-13. For X rated calls call my other lines, call my niteflirt at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 11200504
Seeking: The Findom You’ve Been Looking For
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