Queen Olivia from Toronto Canada

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Name:Queen Olivia
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25 years old
15.12.1993 (Sagittarius)
Membership: Rich & VIP
Trust Level: High trust. Nice Person (1887 Points)
Open to:
* Friendship
* Female-led relationship (FLR) / Dominant Woman
* Findom
Interested in:

Minimum to write:
$ 0
Has Credits:
$ 168.60
Location:Toronto Canada
Distance:9155 km
Seeking:Goddess/ FullTime Queen (seeking)
Height:178cm / 5 ft 10 ins
Last Login:1 day ago
Hepays Profile ID:#93752
Profile Views:2604
LoveBall:see matches

About me:
Buy My clips, kik and tribute here. http://iWantIcyQueenO.com

Call Me, Buy My Goodies and Tribute on NF: https://www.niteflirt.com/IcyQueen

Read My latest blog: https://icyqueenolivia.wixsite.com/worship/single-post/2019/01/17/Findom-for-Dummies

Twitter: @IcyQueenO

You will read my entire profile before messaging Me. In your message, you will address me as Queen or Goddess. Nothing else. If you do not follow these instructions I will just send your message straight to the trash.

I do not waste My time on those who do not interest Me.

I prefer meaningful D/s relationships. However, I am not opposed to using and discarding a sub either.

I am Entitled, Tall, Athletic, Blonde, and Confident.I know how to get what I want in life. I am University Educated. I use My beauty and brains to get what I want in life. It is a lethal combination when used against weak men. Let's be honest, against anyone really.

I enjoy toying with submissive men and infecting their minds. I should be and will be your sole purpose for living. Your first and last thought everyday and every night.

I will be worshipped.

I will be treated like a Queen, nothing less. Because I am one.

I will train you to fulfil my every need and desire. I will use and abuse you. I will control your life. I am the only One who gives you purpose. You will work hard for Me and do whatever else I demand from you. In return, I will shape you into a better person, slave, and enrich your life. There will never be a happier version of yourself other than the one you become when you are serving faithfully at My Feet.

You will pamper Me, and shower Me with gifts.

You will worship My feet and the ground I walk on.

In return I will gladly run your life. I will constantly be on your mind. I will become your addiction.


I know you are.

I am always actively looking for slaves... However, if I feel like we do not click, I will not waste either of our time.

I'm not one for demanding money from slaves who are strangers, I prefer to build a foundation. Money without meaning behind it does not have the same effect on me. With a foundation our D/s relationship will be much more meaningful. It's not a conventional relationship but it is still a relationship, and hopefully it is one that will both enjoy.

Establishing boundaries and limits are keys to a successful D/s relationship. The boundaries/limits will be established and after that there is no going back. I will always respect your hard limits but I will own you. I will drain you. I will break you. I will build you back up again so I can use you once again. The cycle will repeat. I will show no mercy. Tears don't get sympathy, they get laughed at. Your tears give Me joy. You know what you signed up for the second you wrote Me that very first message.

Prove your commitment and that you're worthy or you'll be thrown into the trash where you belong. My time is Valuable. I don't owe you any of it, so if I choose to do so you better show appreciation for it. Make me happy so you can be happy and add some real meaning to your life.

Without me you are nothing.

Remember that.

My Fetish's and Kinks
-Foot/Ass Worship
-Goddess Worship
-Tease and denial
-Orgasm control

(No gross stuff, Blood, Piss, Scat, Kids, Animals ect. Nothing illegal ie. BLACKMAIL.)
I don't need your money but I'll happily take it.

You want my Skype or my Kik? You want my attention? Ask. $

Verified on Findoms.

Twitter: IcyQueenO

Website: icyqueenolivia.wixsite.com/worship

Queen Olivia is from Toronto Canada and 25 years old Female. Her Ad: Pay Pigs Wanted Toronto
Seeking: Goddess/ FullTime Queen
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