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Finacial Servitude
Christmas is coming up and I want your hard earned cash!
I can't even lie, you know it. If you have no one to spoil, then why not spoil me, uh?
I'll be your Money Mistress & you can keep me happy with the only thing you have that you know i want. Nothing more is required of you! Don't even think that i wanna touch your stinky little dicks or even have them entering my temple. If i have you for your money then i like you, that's enough for you!

I only want to know a few things about you
1) What industry your in?
2) How much I'm getting?
3) When am i getting it?
4) How am i getting? (Beem.it, (some content hidden. you need 1 cent at least to view Load Account), Cardless Cash, Cardless Deposit)

Or to make it financially easier on you, you can give me your login details to
ZipPay, Afterpay, OpenPay, Humm, Klarna or all of them ????
Just go set up all ready for me ????Let me buy my own and see what i buy.
Your Account Is Capped with a limit, each time you pay it off your limit increases.
I get the items i want, there and then and you pay it off over a series of fortnights.
Too easy

Add me on (some content hidden. you need 1 cent at least to view Load Account): MiffyArcturus
See your arse over on kick or SMS me (only)
From Your Money Mistress - Miffy Arcturus
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