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posted by: Blueeyes2016 posted in: GB
Hertfordshire United Kingdom · 9 months ago
Spend ur hard earned cash on me , make me feel special and let me rape ur wallet

6 months ago
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Pedicure with benefits ๐Ÿ˜ˆ $5
Pay for me to get my feet done ๐Ÿ˜ˆ i will send pictures of the result and will send you a picture of choice or post an extra special item ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฆ in London United Kingdom
Set of 5 nude pictures and pair of worn panties sent to you. $50
You can either have pictures sent to you with panties (post) or I will send to you online and post panties. What a fuckin treat ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜ in Manchester United Kingdom
Date somewhere in london $55
We will have a date somewhere in London so pay up and we can sctuallly do it , looking for serious guys in London United Kingdom
Your goddess need her nails done $50
Obey me, your perfect goddess needs her nails done again, get to it oink oink in England United Kingdom
Pay for me to do my garden $20
I need a lovely man to pay to have my garden done for the summer so I can relax on my patio and enjoy my garden in Harpenden United Kingdom
Pay for me to get my nails done๐Ÿ˜˜ $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Set of 10 nfw pictures๐Ÿ˜˜ $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy me food to keep me happy๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿคฉ $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Dinner date with a bbw๐Ÿ˜˜ $20
Hey there , Im luna im 22 from manchester uk If you bid please be able to travel or meet in Manchester or take me somewhere๐Ÿ˜˜ in Manchester United Kingdom
Mani/Pedi $50
You know you just love a few cheeky pics and possibly a video of me getting my nails done, seeing my feet being stroked in another womans hands. Well pay for me to have my mani/pedi and you can have just that ;) in Manchester United Kingdom
Total Power Over You For A Week $1000
I want to take over your life for one week - micro-manage everything - what you eat - when you go out - how much you spend - who you see - when you jerk off, when you pee, when you sleep, EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING WILL BE DICTATED TO BY ME!! in Manchester United Kingdom
Used underwear and socks $50
Used panties and socks for the highest bidder will be sent first class delivery in Leeds United Kingdom
Take me for a drink in London $50
Sexy, ebony lady available for drinks in London, maybe more if we get in and you get me in the mood, money really makes me wet in London United Kingdom
Foot Worship and Humiliation $25
You will worship my feet and obey my every command or youโ€™ll suffer a punishment. in Brighton United Kingdom
Pay for the goddesses to get their house furnished $200
Hey piggies who wants to help us pay to furnish our new rooms at Babeworld where your sexy goddesses live in south west London x we want to install some luxurious furnishings like soft pink velvet sofa and curtains and a stripper pole for live videos x in London United Kingdom
Gift me an Uber giftcard $1
Make sure I donโ€™t have to use public transport for awhile, itโ€™s the least I deserve. in London United Kingdom
Take me shopping and for dinner!!!๐Ÿฝ $51
in London United Kingdom
Spend hard earned cash on me $55
Spend ur hard earned cash on me , make me feel special and let me rape ur wallet in Hertfordshire United Kingdom
Live camera session $50
1 whole hour of a live camera session for you to admire me as your mistress..... I can ask you to do things for me whilst I humiliate you in front of my very eyes! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Kik access $10
Want my kik for life.... then get your wallet out xx in United Kingdom
Me taking a BBC alpha.. $5
Whilst you dream of it, he is doing it xx in United Kingdom
Buy my used stockings $5
My sex worn stockings just for you xx in United Kingdom
Pay for my drinks $50
But me drinks and Iโ€™ll give you a good evening in Milton Keynes United Kingdom
Pay for my hair, get private before and after photos $50
This gorgeous blonde wishes to visit the salon and would like some pathetic boy to feel privileged enough to pay for it. You can receive personal before and after photos and make me feel even more confident than I already am in Hampshire United Kingdom
Spoiling time $20
Time to spoil a princess in London United Kingdom
Snapchat $5
Lifetime access to my private Snapchat. in London United Kingdom
Kik $10
Life time access to my private kik in London United Kingdom
Spoiling time, you have chance to thank me $50
Spoil me and turn in to this addiction. You may get a surprise from me. in London United Kingdom
Spend Saturday night in my flat in Nottingham $201
The winner will receive my number and address. And will own me as their personal sex slave Saturday night in Spalding United Kingdom
Manicure $50
Going to get my nails done this week so which one of you good little piggies wants to pay for it? You know you want to ;) in London United Kingdom
In need of a bitchy queen?... Come get me with your wallets open wide! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ฐ $100
In need of a queen to boss u about giving u commands..... Exceeding your fetishes I'm only a click away! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
who is paying me for pics n extreme videos $30
I will give u what excites you in exchange for ur cash in Liverpool United Kingdom
Worn panties $20
Buy my worn panties. Your choice of when they were worn - after Cumming, after work.... in Nottingham United Kingdom
Pay for my new veneer cap ! $200
Need to replace my veneer cap on my tooth urgently ๐Ÿ˜ญ please keep me smiling for u ๐Ÿ˜˜ x Il reward a picture of your choice x in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Getting the dog of my dreams. $1000
Send to make my dream of getting to own a French bulldog. Iโ€™ve been waiting for years and finally have the time to devote to another furry addition. Realise your worth. in UK United Kingdom
Skype Webcam session ๐Ÿ’‹ $20
If u wanna live webcam chat with a goddess like myself climb on board my paypig train and join in the fun! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ฐ in Chelmsford United Kingdom
But me new lingerie you pigs xx $20
Some of you are asking for more and more pictures so I just want to look my best for my little piggy boys show me you love me in the only way I care xx in United Kingdom
Grant your wish $500
I will listen to your request and grant you only one wish. in London United Kingdom
Buy this princess new dresses $50
This little dolly wants daddy to buy her new frilly dresses. Get photos of me wearing the cute dresses youve paid for. in Surrey United Kingdom
Phone call $5
Want a one of phone call from this goddess? Phone call session UK only bid away ;) in United Kingdom
My pedicure virginity! $1
My beautiful toes have never experienced a pedi ! Who wants to take there virginity! Lucky winner may request photos/video! in United Kingdom
Selling used lace knickers $10
Selling used lace knickers ยฃ10 a pair in Southampton United Kingdom
Used Panties $10
Worn to order. After gym panties, worn a couple of days, etc. Any style or colour of your choice, g-string, thong, boxers, etc. Any special requests? Videos and pictures of me wearing them for added pleasure. in KIDDERMINSTER United Kingdom
Lips! $100
In need of my lips getting done again ๐Ÿ’‹anyone out there want to treat me to this and Il be very rewarding x in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Skype session of your choice... $20
Join me on Skype for some amazing, sexual fun. I'm a switch so I can do almost anything! Do you need a gorgeous young brat to set you humiliating tasks? Or maybe you prefer to tell a sweet little blonde what toys to use and which holes to fuck. It's all up to You... in Newcastle United Kingdom
Usrd panties $10
Buyer gets too pick what style and content he wants! Pee, cum, period, after gym... you name it! Have a little personal bit of me just for your pleasure... in Newcastle United Kingdom
Pay for me to try botox $200
I want to stay looking young would like to give botox a go in London United Kingdom
Erotic Fiction with you as the star. $50
In my previous life I was an author of erotic short stories. Bid and give me your fantasy storyline. Iโ€™ll do the rest. Iโ€™ll type up and send you the story via email once completed. in Hove United Kingdom
Meet me in person. Perform humiliating tasks on our lunch date. $100
You will pay for lunch. You will walk five steps behind me with your head lowered at all times unless I tell you otherwise. I will have the most amazing time with you as my very obedient submissive companion, and you will trip over yourself and dribble at the thought of me giving you the slightest bit of praise or a smile. in Hove United Kingdom
Help goddess pay towards a boob job $200
I would like bigger boobs.... But need help funding for it... Who helps will see the before and after pics! X in Chelmsford United Kingdom
paypal.me/yas11 in London United Kingdom
Buy my underwear $20
Buy my underwear that i've worn on a hot date in London United Kingdom
Pay my car insurance $100
My car insurance is ยฃ105 now Who will be my good little boy and pay it for their beautiful goddess ๐Ÿ˜˜ in Manchester United Kingdom
Full night with me $1000
Full night with me in your company I live in Scotland Iโ€™ll Do anything you wish... im 23 Scottish just made this today so still waiting to get verified please no time wasters all my pictures are real my own .. Can prove Iโ€™m real ๐Ÿ˜‡โค๏ธ in London United Kingdom
Spoil me by paying for my shopping addiction $200
If u can show that u can spoil me rotten ..... Il be very generous with my appreciation! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
How much would u pay for a sex chat? $100
The bigger the number the more naughtier our chats and pics become ๐Ÿ˜‰ Come get me! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Spoil me :) $50
Spoil a sweet, deserving student :) Fund my shopping spree, pay for my bills, cover my uni expenses in United Kingdom
Pay for my credit card bill $50
Who's going to be my worthless pig? in London United Kingdom
Be my cuck $20
I've got a hot date this week and want to look as sexy as possible. Paid for with your money. in London United Kingdom
Cashmeets! $10
Doing cashmeets all day today. in Barnsley United Kingdom
Cash meets $50
Avalible for cash meets services worshipping humiliation and to get spolit in Barnsley United Kingdom
Sex talk on the phone $100
We can have a sex chat directly on my phone one on one! I'm feeling generous for the piggies out there's x in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Two little princess want to play with their daddy $50
You may like 1 princess but how about 2 entitled princess who deserve your worship. Me and my girl harley are double teaming tonight on kik! LIVE VIDEOS TONIGHT MESSAGE ME Now and book your slot to have fun with these beautiful girls who love their daddies treating them like royalty in Surrey United Kingdom
Foot fetish and heels! $10
Photos of my feet in and out of some sexy high heels! ๐Ÿ˜‹ in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Video call with an adorable lolita girl $20
Video call on kik messanger with me as a darling little princess. Dressed in lolita fashion. Have this precious little diva run circles round you in Surrey United Kingdom
Used underwear after I cum $50
I'm feeling generous I will send them to your door.... Next day delivery so my cum is still fresh! Come on pigs put ur money where your mouth is! X in Chelmsford United Kingdom
A video of me getting fucked $200
A home video of my wet pussy getting fucked.... Right close up! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Fund my business! $500
Make me happy and see what happens. in London United Kingdom
Bid to be my paypig human atm I'll be the only goddess you want $100
Start bidding bitches in London United Kingdom
Custom videos and photos $5
Iโ€™m feeling generous today, the highest bidder will receive custom videos and photos everyday for a week. U will love my tight pussy and perfect fake tits! Come and have fun with Adultworks finest ;) in Manchester United Kingdom
Best Birthday Donation $20
Its my birthday in two days, lets see who out of you pathetic bunch can give me the best birthday donation. Who ever gives me the best, will get a prize. in Leeds United Kingdom
my used stockings & socks from my size 2 feet $10
Sexy stockings and socks worn by me sent straight to your door. The more you pay the more you get If you win my sexy little auction and want to pay a bit more you will get exclusive video footage of my feet in stockings being played with ;) in Surrey United Kingdom
Its the day of rest pay me to do Fuck All $50
Would you pay for something you know nothing about would you pay for something in the hope of finding out in England United Kingdom
Listen up piggys..get in touch I wana speak to you pathetic little worms.. $20
Each one of you filthy little shrimp dicks credit my account with $20 and every dirty rat that does will receive a reward from this out of your league goddess And be sharpish about it...I'm getting bored of you already ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ‘„ in Bradford United Kingdom
Pay my rent/house for this month [URGENT] $200
I need a slave brave enough to step up the game and get this prince$$ what she deservs. The first 3 will get some atenttion and the honor of serving me. Pay up doggy's in United Kingdom
Let me rinse you dry you pathetic loser $200
Let me rinse your wallet just because I can! in London United Kingdom
Video call $50
I want someone that will do as they are told through videocall so I can go to sleep happy in Worcester United Kingdom
pics and vids, tell me what you want and we can negotiate ;) $50
willing to sell pics and vids, kik me - siobhankatyyy and we'll talk money ;) in Midlands United Kingdom
Sweet pussy $200
Who wants a peek at this sweet golden pussy!! You pay the right price and all the pics and possiably video is yours! in Paypal.me/findom7289 United Kingdom
A pair of worn panties x $20
How lucky are you? Bid to win a pair of my worn panties sent right to your door. Even better, you get to pick what colour and style you get. Start bidding... in Chester United Kingdom
Sexy Pictures of me $50
in London United Kingdom
body/feet pics, sexting, paypigs wanting to be spoken to like the trash they are $20
paypal.me/siobhankaty i'm a spoiled princess who needs worthless paypigs to give me everything i want in Midlands United Kingdom
Pair of panties that I've cum in.. $50
Treat yourself Piggies! in PAY ME PIGGIE. United Kingdom
Video of me showering $50
in PAY ME PIGGIE. United Kingdom
Used panties $20
ill wear them for one day, and one night. Contact me directly for more options ;) in PAY ME PIGGIE. United Kingdom
Used worn socks $5
Used worn socks for foot fetish in Southampton United Kingdom
Used underwear sets $10
Used underwear sets variety of colours Paypal and circle accepted uniformidentity@outlook.com in Southampton United Kingdom
Worn panties $20
One pair of your choice of coloured undies, worn by myself throughout the day. in Edinburgh United Kingdom
Take me shopping in Liverpool $100
You get the pleasure of my company and the honour of paying for things I want. If youโ€™re very good, I may let you even take me out for dinner too. in Liverpool England United Kingdom
I'm very open minded, go on... Take a chance ;) $15
in Liverpool United Kingdom
Nudes $20
100 of professional photos in Exeter United Kingdom
Feet worship $5
These feet deserve in Exeter United Kingdom
Skype call $10
Who wants the show in Exeter United Kingdom
Cashmeet $15
Foot worship... Humiliation.... Shopping trips... If the price is right there's more in Uk United Kingdom
Feet Pictures $5
sexy feet pictures $5 per picture in Cheshire United Kingdom
Cashpoint meet $1
Me and another dom doing cashpoint meets this evening to fund our night me in Kent United Kingdom
sushi and shopping $1
leeds manchester london in London United Kingdom
Who wants to meet for foot worship $1
Worship my tiny perfect size 4 feet . You choose were they walk . in Manchester United Kingdom
Skype fun and sexy photos $5
Enjoy a kinky skype session with me as well as receiving a selection of sexy photographs. Cum and have some fun ;) in WIRRAL United Kingdom
Paypig $100
in London United Kingdom
Shopping slave humiliation $20
Leeds London Manchester in London United Kingdom
in London United Kingdom
Chastity key holding $100
Key holding contract in London United Kingdom
Ball busting $50
Ball busting session in London United Kingdom
Breast implants $50
Tribute towards my XL breast implants and earn yourself an.amazing dinner in London United Kingdom
Sushi and shopping $20
Bid for a sexy date with goddess in London United Kingdom
Cash point meet $10
Cash point meet in leeds with or without ball busting in London United Kingdom
Take me out on a date or the gf experience $50
Take me out on a date and enjoy the pleasure of myself for the evening or even push the boat out for the real girlfreind experience xx in Scarborough United Kingdom
Message me you number and what kind of domination you like and I can make it happen!!..... NO PAY NO PLAY !!! in Uk United Kingdom
Cum and have a date with me $20
Wine,dine and ?? me in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy me lingerie $5
Winner gets a video of their choosing (to be discussed) or some lovely pictures. (in or out of the lingerie) Depending on price in London United Kingdom
Sexy pics $20
in Cheltenham United Kingdom
Kik skype fun $1
30 minute skype session with an experienced and enthusiastic dominatrix. Can involve a second dom for an extra charge. Kik me... 0kelsi0 in Liverpool United Kingdom
Skype kik fun $1
30 minutes of skype with myself. I am an experienced dom but very open minded. I am open to helping you fulfil your deepest fantasies. Don't hesitate to get in touch xx 0kelsi0 in Liverpool United Kingdom
30 minutes of sykpe to fulfil any fantasy $1
30 minutes of skype with myself. I am an experienced dom but very open minded. I am open to helping you fulfil your deepest fantasies. Don't hesitate to ger in touch xx in Liverpool United Kingdom
Skype humiliation/ domination session $10
30 minute skype session with an experienced and enthusiastic dominatrix. Can involve a second dom for an extra charge in Liverpool United Kingdom
Irish Queen worth every penny $50
Take me shopping or for dinner or to a cash machine, you can also chose from a KIK session in Belfast United Kingdom
Take me to dinner $15
I will travel to meet you and we will go for lunch, call it a date. in Newcastle United Kingdom
Buy my dinner $20
I'm hungry and want a bitch to buy my dinner tonight. The loser might get something in return. in United Kingdom
Skype me in me knickers then get them posted to you $1
20 minutes of skype fun with me in my underwear. Happy to fulfill sub or dom roles. I'll then postthe knickers to you so you can enjoy my scent in WIRRAL United Kingdom
My wish is your command $1
Take on your dream date for a good time in Manchester United Kingdom
Pay for my night out to a West End Musical $1
Tickets are already paid for, you will be paying for travel and drinks/food. This is a good chance for you to start a relationship. I will start the bidding low so as many people as possible will have a chance to bid. I am expecting ยฃ60 + and if you would like to do this or contribute then feel free to inbox me. in London United Kingdom
Knickers that I have rubbed my pussy in $20
Nice pair of pink panties that my shaved pussy has been in I will rub my pussy whilst wearing them and make them all wet and make sure I cum in them . in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy me a drink $50
Message me for details in Ealing United Kingdom
Want my KiK or Snapchat? $50
The higher you bid, the higher the chance for you to get my kik or Snapchat. So don't be petty and start bidding now ;) in London United Kingdom
Pay for my new toys $5
Winner gets either a video or picture set of me using them. (Maybe a live Skype session, depending on the price) in London United Kingdom
Send you my pants ive worn , Send you messages very filthy ones $15
in Hertfordshire United Kingdom
Selling my panties $10
I am selling some of my panties and hosiery that I have worn. I will wear them for the amount of time you request. If I think you deserve it I might include photos/videos of me wearing them ;) x in London United Kingdom
Help Me Get A New Phone $20
My phone is on its last legs and how can I keep sending you such naughty, disgusting videos and pictures without it? Winner gets access to my private snapchat and their choice of Skype session or exclusive fetish video. in London United Kingdom
Cock sucking sissificiation training. $100
Tribute directly to me, circlepay preferred. View @goddesslilaxoc to get a better feel for my cruel and bratty intentions๐Ÿ‘„ in United Kingdom United Kingdom
Shopping Trip $200
I Want To Go Birthday Shopping!! in Nottingham United Kingdom
Used Underwear/skype $5
Buy a pair of used knickers and have a one to one skype session with me. in WIRRAL United Kingdom
Pay for my new breasts $200
Mistressmoneyxo is wanting some tlc and the starting point is a beautiful breast enhancement which of you subs are going to fund this? PayPal tributes to sugarbabybrit87@outlook.com in United Kingdom
skype ,me and pay me excite me $6
im ready for all want to play and have a playtoy to obey me and pay me do as i say or i shall make you sore think about the fun we can have in Scarborough United Kingdom
Skype me $5
One on one session with me on Skype talk all night in Weston Super Mare United Kingdom
Used underwear $20
May the best slave win in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy slutty pics/videos $50
in Manchester United Kingdom
a date $5
a date with me anywhere you choose in Southampton United Kingdom
Findom $6
Want my snapchat? Kik? Whatsapp? If u think u feel worthless now.. then youre in for a shock!!! If youre a worthless nobody then Place your bids...then prepare for my daily abuse...paypigs in Chesterfield United Kingdom
4 minute double penetration with toys video $15
Wanna see this slut fuck herself? in Chesterfield United Kingdom
Just because I want it $567000
You get fuck all you divvy cunts ๐Ÿ˜‚ in Bournemouth United Kingdom
buy my used underwear $10
get my used underwear with a signed picture of me wearing it with it. in Southampton United Kingdom
pay for me to shop. skype call $1
in United Kingdom
take me shopping in leeds , york, manchester or london $1
take me shopping on a luxury spree to hit the nicest shops and have a fine dining lunch leeds york london manchester in London United Kingdom
How about real time fun $200
Cut to the Chase, real time fun, fulfil your fantasys for just one night only in United Kingdom
Real time servitude with a REAL goddess. $125
The winner of this auction earns the right to serve me in person (or online if overseas). If the first instance of service is satisfactory, the winning slave MAY be enrolled to a more permanent position.. in Cheshire United Kingdom
Give it to Mama ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป $20
Give money to Mama, I want buy some stuff. And soon. in Paris United Kingdom
Help me buy lingerie $5
Will be making tonnes of gorgeous clothes to nude photo sets in the future . Help me invest in some gorgeous lingerie for me to peel off ๐Ÿงœโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ† PayPal.me/NatashasPearls in Nottingham United Kingdom
You donโ€™t need that money ... $50
So you want to feel worthless , dominated and totally submissive to a woman out of your league ? Make it known๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฐ in Nottingham United Kingdom

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