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· 49 years ago
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Take this goddess on a date night $200
What lucky guy wants to be taken advantage of in Sarasota United States
Buy drinks in DMV $20
Get to know me :) Let's hang in Washington D.c United States
Make Me a Happy Girl 🥰 $50
I like being spoiled and I feel as though you guys should contribute. Make me a happy babe in Toledo United States
DATE; Uit eten/drankje doen/bioscoop in Nederland. $10
Een leuke date, waarbij jij kiest wat we doen. Uiteraard betaal jij ook! ;) Het kan overal in Nederland maar zelf ben ik woonachtig in Limburg. in Netherlands Netherlands
Pay for a pamper day $500
pay for goddess to get pampered. pedicure, haircut, massage, lashes, shopping and more. where else are you going to spend your hard earned cash besides me? in United States
Pay to serve $205
You will pay me while you serve me for my own pleasure. I will ignore, use, punish, and laugh at you until I see fit. Let’s see who wants it more little piggies in Joliet United States
Take Me Shopping in N.C. 🛍 $20
Give me a day of “me time”. To go shopping and not have to buy for anyone else! Seems like a dream come true. in United States
Pay for my new hairstyle $50
Currently I have light brown hair and it's very damaged, I want to get a haircut, bangs and dye my hair black. I will send you before and after pics. And since it's my boyfriend who would really like me to get this hairstyle, I'll even send a video of his reaction. in Milano Italy
Send me money and tell me what to do with it! $100
Send me money and tell me what to buy with it. My bills, my activities, gifts etc... I provide private proofs of what you spoil me with. Let’s have fun! in
Worn underwear, shoes or clothes for sale $50
Buy me any underwear, shoes or piece of clothing from my wishlist, send me 50$ and I will do WHATEVER you want while hearing them and then sending it to you by mail. Send me your email adress and I will send you my wishlist. . Write anything you want in this group & forum for Worn underwear, shoes or clothing for sale posting is completely for free & its about Buy me any underwear, shoes or piece of clothing from my wishlist, send me 50$ and I will do WHATEVER you want while hearing them and then sending it to you by mail. Send me your email adress and I will send you my wishlist. in
Take me to dinner in florida $1000
in Spoiled Brat United States
Birthday dinner date $100
Take me out for my birthday on 23/07/2019 in Toronto Canada
Dominant Grecian Model, Blonde $100
one evening with me, taking me to dinner, getting to know each other. Any other questions just ask and we'll come to terms ;) in Charlotte United States
Man and pedi needed $50
Maybe I will send you pictures of them once I get my mani pedi in Orlando United States
Shopping, dinner or date me $1
Dont be cheap please I am worth it in Orlando United States
Pedicure with benefits 😈 $5
Pay for me to get my feet done 😈 i will send pictures of the result and will send you a picture of choice or post an extra special item 😈💦 in London United Kingdom
Pay me to ignore you $6
You can pay and pay and beg for my Approval and attention but I'll never give it to. You in SaltLake City United States
You will be collared & at my feet at a live BDSM fetish show SATURDAY JUNE 29 10PM-2AM SAN DIEGO, CA. You will be on display for 50-80 people. I run the show, it's only fitting I have a little bitch to run errands & be my chair. in United States
Send for my new Claws 💋 💅🏻 $20
Nails were €30 euro so highest bidder gets a little surprise. Good Pups 🥰🥰 in Ireland Ireland
Buy me a spicy drink $1
in South Africa
Naked $50
See me undress slowly, caressing myself like nobody’s watching . 10 mins to start, let’s see how far we go. in United States
Send Me Shopping for a Date With Another Man $25
Send me something sweet for a date, and i'll put it on- and let someone else take it off. Paypal me at and leave your name (; in Cincinnati United States
Birthday Fund! $50
My birthday is in 1 month and I want to start celebrating now!!! in St. Louis United States
Paypig needs to be used as footstool $1
Basically I wanna be your real life slave. Clean give foot massages. Be a footstool. Labor. Etc in Indianapolis United States
Set of 5 nude pictures and pair of worn panties sent to you. $50
You can either have pictures sent to you with panties (post) or I will send to you online and post panties. What a fuckin treat 🐷😁 in Manchester United Kingdom
Date somewhere in london $55
We will have a date somewhere in London so pay up and we can sctuallly do it , looking for serious guys in London United Kingdom
Let's have fun $110
in Pretoria South Africa
Pay us to Skype $20
Skype Live:sophieandjosh2017 We can verify before payments made  Doing humilation Skype tonight from 1am . Message if interested.  5 mins - 25 pounds  10 mins - 45 pounds  20 mins - 85 pounds  30 min- - 95 pounds  A full hour - 150  in United Kingdom
Looking for a paypig $50
Getting spoiled turns me on 😍😌 in Ongwediva Namibia
Who wants to hear my voice? $105
You will listen, obey and pay me.... Absolutely no ifs and’s or but’s. Cash App -$SexyNSpoiled Venmo- @Angel-Smith-23 in BRANDON United States
Pay for My FIRST pedicure $50
Can you believe I’ve never had a pedicure?! I deserve to have My feet pampered properly, and you will pay for My first experience. I’m giving you an opportunity to show your obedience and admiration for Me. You can’t wait to pay, your credit care is already in’re going to send and My feet will be pampered at your expense. Willing to meet after my pedicure for you to admire them and worship them in person. in Seattle United States
Let’s see where it takes us $100
At least a 90 min. Date what when why and where are up to you if we are having fun it can last forever in Las Vegas United States
Fund a Boudoir Session $50
Wanting to do a boudoir session. If we hit over $1000, the winning piggy can pick the theme!! Winner gets the privilege to tribute for the pics they funded. in Canada
Impress goddess $1
Impress goddess for a special message in your dm, pay $35 for initial tribute. You wont be let down 🐷💸💛 in Auckland New Zealand
Tits/Foot/Ass worship $20
Worship my parts or get punished...try not to cum all over ur hands while doing so in United States
Foot worship $1000
You don’t deserve to talk to me. I’m not going to bat an eye unless you spark my attention by serving your purpose to serve me. in Kirkland United States
Meet me and spoil me $100
Take me shopping Let me buy anything I want Fuck me and throw cash on me in Perth Australia
Need a new bra $10
in United States
Buy me a shopping trip $50
Shopping know, theyre fun and stuff. in Chicago United States
Your goddess need her nails done $50
Obey me, your perfect goddess needs her nails done again, get to it oink oink in England United Kingdom
Private Chat for 30 Minutes $50
Skype with me for 30 minutes. I'll give you my undivided attention and treat you the way you deserve. Don't make me wait, I want to see a piggy of my own. in Atlanta United States
Goddess Adreana $50
Who’s going to be the lucky winner of goddess Adreana’s full undivided attention? in United States United States
Seeking sugar daddy $100
Any action you want to do in Windhoek United States
Help Goddess Pay For My New Couch $50
Hello pigs! Time to rinse for a superior like myself and make it so I don’t have to work, cause that’s all you’re good for losers in Ottawa Canada
Pay for me to do my garden $20
I need a lovely man to pay to have my garden done for the summer so I can relax on my patio and enjoy my garden in Harpenden United Kingdom
buy me new art supplies $50
give me your money you dirty slut in Birmingham,AL United States
Pay for my groceries $20
You know its all you're good for. Pay up piggies 💲💲 in United States
Pay for me to get my nails done😘 $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Set of 10 nfw pictures😘 $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy me food to keep me happy🤑🤩 $1
in Manchester United Kingdom
Dinner date with a bbw😘 $20
Hey there , Im luna im 22 from manchester uk If you bid please be able to travel or meet in Manchester or take me somewhere😘 in Manchester United Kingdom
Tribute 4 a chance to Spoil Me $50
Not everyone is welcome to spoil me. Tribute me for a chance to buy me whatever i want. I never give a mandatory amount of tribute, show me how much u want my time by more money. If im satisfied i might give you a week of GFE. HMU on Kik, for a menu once you realize how interested you are. in Los Angeles United States
Mani/Pedi $50
You know you just love a few cheeky pics and possibly a video of me getting my nails done, seeing my feet being stroked in another womans hands. Well pay for me to have my mani/pedi and you can have just that ;) in Manchester United Kingdom
Buy My Shopping Trip $1
Pay for my shopping spree and get an entire day of my attention +custom photos and videos in United States
Expensive "date" $1015
I am greedy as fuck and I deserve way more than this. You would love to treat your mistress to a nice fat tribute right? Do what you were born to do and serve me. in Denver United States
Day out in town $105
Im having a girls day out. Serve your superior. You have nothing better to do anyways. in Denver United States
Get my attention $10005
I will make sure you are my priority 😉 in Southern California United States
Total Power Over You For A Week $1000
I want to take over your life for one week - micro-manage everything - what you eat - when you go out - how much you spend - who you see - when you jerk off, when you pee, when you sleep, EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING WILL BE DICTATED TO BY ME!! in Manchester United Kingdom
Spoil me with a mani-pedi $35
I'm looking for a good boy to pay for my mani-pedi. I love having my feet rubbed on and pampered. I like playing with color and looking cute. I'll send you photos of the completed look <3 in San Diego United States
Skype Session with Mistress Lydia D'Ouleur $50
Bid on who get's to Skype with me live and possibly some of my other Mistress friends who may be stopping by. The winner must submit paymit before the session via PayPal to in Chapel Hill United States
Used underwear and socks $50
Used panties and socks for the highest bidder will be sent first class delivery in Leeds United Kingdom
I will watch you... $200
I will give and watch you follow my orders for 30 minutes (via Skype) will then know what it feels like to be under my authority. I want you to pay for supplies for my next moon ritual. Yes, she's a witch! in United States
Take me for a drink in London $50
Sexy, ebony lady available for drinks in London, maybe more if we get in and you get me in the mood, money really makes me wet in London United Kingdom
Give me your wallet for the night $1
Heading out to the City, this California girl needs some nice things. Fork it over pig 🐽 in United Kingdom
Take me on a shopping spree $20
I need a whole new wardrobe, which one of you wants to be the lucky sub? The highest bidder will get pics of what I buy 😉 in United States
Foot Worship and Humiliation $25
You will worship my feet and obey my every command or you’ll suffer a punishment. in Brighton United Kingdom
Book Us A Hotel $10
You'll book a hotel room for us. You HAVE to be local. If you're not local, Webcam cones next! You will still be able to get all the sexy shit I have in store for you. I will explore a bunch of kinks for you on cam or in person. in United States
I’m a findomme and I want to humiliate you and take your money because I deserve it more than you do $6
Message me if you need a master, I’m looking for a slave/sub. Message me. Are you ready to obey me? My 21st birthday is coming up and my best friend and I have never been to Vegas, help us get trashed👅💦💋 in Los Angeles United States
Pay for the goddesses to get their house furnished $200
Hey piggies who wants to help us pay to furnish our new rooms at Babeworld where your sexy goddesses live in south west London x we want to install some luxurious furnishings like soft pink velvet sofa and curtains and a stripper pole for live videos x in London United Kingdom
Old used shoes for you $50
Boots outworn! in Europe Netherlands
Fuel me and my addiction $20
Send me fucking cash if you want to get a chance at this pussy in San Diego United States
date me in kathmandu $1
date me in kathmandu ..first email in & then we talk further with privacy. in Perth Nepal
Gift me an Uber giftcard $1
Make sure I don’t have to use public transport for awhile, it’s the least I deserve. in London United Kingdom
Two high profile Fetish events today $100
Fellows I need my hair done, shoes and HOT Fetish gear for Saturday. You will get all the fun pictures from the night or you can come with me. in Chapel Hill United States
Add me on kik or skype and we can videocall $50
You know you’ll love it in Brussels United States
Private pics and 1 hour video session $50
Winner gets one hour of Skype fun with me and private pics. in United Kingdom
Take me shopping $5
Need a submissive paypig to spend their hard earned money on me and take me shopping. You know a Queen never pays for her luxuries, So make yourself useful and make my New Years special. in McAllen United States
Buy me lingerie and get special access to pictures $10
Pay for new lingerie and you’ll get access to some exclusive pics. in McAllen United States
Meet me in Bucharest $100
We meet to see i'm for good a Dominatrix and do some shoppinh spree for Xmas ....if you good you might get a gift from Me😋 in Muscleland Romania
Take me to dinner in NYC $6
$1 bid upward in Lagos State Nigeria
10 panties $100 $100
;) Oh cmon Ive been wearing them doing skype session where I get myself off.. they're great xoxo kik: bizarre_bunny in United States
Take me shopping and for dinner!!!🐽 $51
in London United Kingdom
Skype session $20
Skype session with me! Masturbation, anal play, pain, sensual, talking! Whatever it is, let’s have fun! in Saginaw United States
Spend hard earned cash on me $55
Spend ur hard earned cash on me , make me feel special and let me rape ur wallet in Hertfordshire United Kingdom
30 Minute Skype Session $20
You get a 30 minute Skype session where you get to admire me and I get to humiliate or praise you depending on if I like what I see in United States
Shopping Date $1
Need a submissive paypig. I want to go shopping and use your money. Go shopping with me, take me to get a manicure, and maybe lunch. Why should you? You get to spend the day with me. in Birmingham United States
1 hour of a Skype session $6
Skype with me, get whatever you want and maybe surprises in Birmingham United States
Live camera session $50
1 whole hour of a live camera session for you to admire me as your mistress..... I can ask you to do things for me whilst I humiliate you in front of my very eyes! in Chelmsford United Kingdom
Kik access $10
Want my kik for life.... then get your wallet out xx in United Kingdom
Me taking a BBC alpha.. $5
Whilst you dream of it, he is doing it xx in United Kingdom
Buy my used stockings $5
My sex worn stockings just for you xx in United Kingdom
Take me out Shopping $105
Looking for a sweet submissive guy who would like to be my walking ATM, and personal haul mule as I update my winter wardrobe. Bonus if you are a feet and/or butt guy, because I love buying boots and yoga pants. Maybe afterwards, we can have dinner on your tab, while you can admire and worship me. in Seattle United States
Pay for my Mani pedi $150
I want my nails done today and you know a goddess never pays for her own luxuries! You worthless pigs do! 💅 in Boston United States
selling my dirty black lacy gstring $5
Will be posted nice and smelly to your location x in Melbourne Australia
Gnome see me $50
Aww you want to see more only the worthy get that privilege show me your worth bitch in United Kingdom
Debate $20
Just for a laugh and something different... Come and have some fun. Challenge yourself to a debate with me on topic to be discussed! Kinky topic but very controversial. Lets learn about each other with some fire! I love a sub with a mind and opinion 😍 doesnt show hes not a submissive at all for all you fuk you pay me dommes! The mind is sexy and this challenge could be the spark to develop something very special......... 😏 in United Kingdom
Pegging session $5
in Turku Finland
Take me shopping for my birthday $55
A real Goddess deserves to be spoiled rotten. Lots of gifts, money, hair appts , Mani and pedis , day at the spa, shopping etc. So make yourself useful and make my Birthday a special one to remember. in San Francisco United States
Pay to get my nails done slut $55
ill send photos before and after little one in United States
Pay for my drinks $50
But me drinks and I’ll give you a good evening in Milton Keynes United Kingdom

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