BBHMM..I Want The Bag I Get The Bag

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It makes me so wet to know that I can take advantage of you fucking CUCKS. who wants to buy me this bag? Ship to store. I love a man to worship me and in return I just humiliate you

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Kik Me Thisbitchtho1994 I NEED $100
your going to send now and keep sending losers... you dont deserve your cash and i need a pedicure. a deluxe one. i want that hot wax on my legs while your sitting at home eating ramen losers..... in Cumberland
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I wanna drain and rinse you losers wallets.  You tiny cocks don't deserve your cash.  And I deserve spending it always..  Your hilarious.  No girl is ever going to want that tiny c... in Cumberland
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Kik Me Thisbitchtho1994 I NEED $100
You losers are going to obey me and do as I say because I am the boss.  I am in control and your a piece of shit and I will drain everything you own..  Losers with your tiny cock can lock th... in Cumberland
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